• Paganfest Rocks Hollywood

    18 May 2009, 16:46 by Dahnlor

    Sun 17 May – Paganfest II

    Damn, what a great show that was. Not only were all the bands top-notch, but the turnover was probably the most efficient I've seen. Swashbuckle hit the stage right on time at 7:00, did their 30 minutes, and Blackguard's set started at 7:42. I stopped paying attention to the start and end times after that, mainly because I never had a chance to wonder how long it had been taking.

    The reason I went was to see Korpiklaani and Moonsorrow - when I saw the lineup for the first time I almost cried, I was so happy that two of my favorite bands from halfway around the world were not only coming to town for the first time, but together - but I was also looking forward to Primordial since I'd read good things about their live performance. Still, the first two bands were interesting enough to show up on time for.

    Swashbuckle were better than I expected. I had checked out some of their stuff on YouTube, and while the whole pirate-metal thing was novel, I didn't look much past that. …