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Korai Öröm are a Hungarian band known for their dynamic live concerts (often in unusual places such as around swimming pools or in the great outdoors) accompanied by video projections and for their original sound - long-flowing, cosmic space-rock jams with hypnotic atmospheres and superb percussion, with bits of trumpet and flute added on.

Style/Genre (as per the media): ambient, urban folk, earth psychedelics, action-music, the folk music of non-existing folks.
Style/Genre (as per the band): worldmusic, ethno-metal-trance


1990. Something came from the air and started to assume a form of a band in Hungary.

1993. The band was already heading to Germany in Zastava and Skoda cars. It was introduced as "punk aus Ungarn" in the clubs of Berlin.

1994. Formation of the band - 10 musicians (lots of percussion and exotic instruments as didgeridoo, fuyara, pipes, self-made accessories) + 4 Vj's. The band was playing in small, yet always overcrowded clubs. After the concerts there were "acid parties", which were new things at that times, as well as the video projection. KÖ organised concerts in unusual places as swimming pools and even outdoors surrounded by nature.
The first concert album was released on MC.

1995. The first studio album was released in author's edition (this then became a tradition). Its cover and music received positive critics from the media.

1996. Second studio album, the favourite of the "orthodox" fans. The album introducing concert was held in the most famous Hungarian theatre Katona Jozsef, showing the widening interest for the music and stage production which is beyond the usual publicity of rock performances. This event became tradition.
The band created a website, containing free database of its media, concerts and label contacts. The well-known actor and theatre director Péter Halász (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0357200/) entrusted the band to write and perform live music for his piece "Sanyi, the pilot".

1997. Third studio album, concert at the big stage of Pepsi Island (the location of Sziget Festival) in front of ten thousand people. More and more concerts in Hungary and abroad.
Three members of the band became DJ's named Korai Banditos.

1998. Release of a remix album. Meantime KÖ became a cult band among the psychedelic freaks of the world.
"May be the best psychedelic ensemble around" - wrote the American Wayside, KÖs album lead the top list of the New Zealandian Cranium Music.
The band was invited by American festivals, but couldnt go due to lack of sponsors.
The German Lollipop Shop released a vinyl compilation.
KÖ became the concert band No:1 of the year as per the public vote of the Hungarian Magyar Narancs.

1999. KÖ organised festivals inviting Eastern-European bands. The tours took us to new places including even St. Petersburg, Russia, Italy (representing Hungary on the Day of the Music in Genova). KÖ was the live band of the year again.

2000. Besides a lot of concerts around Europe 2 albums were released: one with recordings, previously unreleased on CD and one with new music and 3 videoclips.
The German movie Im July used our music, a soundtrack released by Sony.

2002. The Dannish label Burnt Hippie released the music of KÖ2001 on vinyl. The Swedish Digimpro Ltd. released the first CD in a new format called 'digital improvisation' with Korai's music mixed by the creator of DI.
The band gets to countries like Kosova and Macedonia during its travels, meeting special people and seing incredible places.

2003. A second remix album containing mixes from the best Hungarian DJ's and some foreign musicians released in May.
KÖ's music is used for animations films, the band's videoclips are nominated for awards at the clip fest B-Film in Berlin.
German-Belgian tour in December.

2004. Working on a new studio album, meantime playing non-stop. Hungarian Cultural month in Sofia, Bulgaria, Nocne Vlny, City life fests in Slovakia, Trnkobrani, Semtex, Zlin in Czech Republic, Dombos in Serbia, all the important summer fests in Hungary.

2005. The new album is out. It is the most well-done album of Korai Öröm, full with earth beat, humour and joy.The album introduces young Bulgarian folksingers, as well as live sitar and master class of khöömei voice and jew's harp.
On the album there is a videoclip inspired by the old Czechoslovak 3-wheel car called Velorex. The story of the clip is a kind of conquest: the band arrives to Hungary from Siberia, meets many strange things and then leaves it to Cyberia.


'One of the prime drivers of the post-1990 psychedelic rebirth.'

'Original post-folk, psyhedelic, trans-out Hungarian ravers.'

'They have definitely developed their own signature sound… Probably the best new psychedelic ensemble around!'

'The music of Korai Öröm is overwhelming, visionary and at the same time humane, natural, mindexpanding… real earth psychedelics.'

'Original, not copied from MTV, but an up-to-date band.'

'Their astro-dub-rock shaman tribes art is not just music, they create moods translating to the audience music of non-existing folks, Each show can be perceived as fully artistic action'

'Korai Öröm merges the sounds of many nations and galaxies'
MY WAY (Germany)

'…take a measure of psychedelic music and add a solid dose of East European shamanistic folk ritual that has been around for centuries.'

'The band has propelled itself into the enviable position of being an eminent member of the international music scene. A unique presence in Hungarian music life, which produces genuine music that has never been labeled as a certain kind of music genre. An antithesis of Hungarian pop business, made thoughtful use of the popularity of techno, acid and progressive dance music and emerged with tunes that were a cross-section of psychedelic punk rock, ethno and modern dance music, although the band members themselves refer to their music as a state of mind or general effusion. Music and cinema under the same roof, a complex entertainment for the eye and the ear.'

'The most important underground band of the 90-s. The connecting link between alternative and dance music.'

'…you brook all walls and became one chaotic, but beautiful state of mind – everything is possible now.'
Ana from Dubrovnik


Korai Öröm 93 - MC (Trottel)
Korai Öröm 95 - CD, MC (authors edition)
Korai Öröm 96 - CD, MC, (authors edition)
Korai Öröm 97 - CD, MC(authors edition)
Korai Öröm Edited Versions 94-97 98 - LP, Lollipop Shop, Germany Recycled (remixes) 98 - CD (authors edition)
Korai Öröm 93 - 96 (the music of the 93 MC and other unreleased works) - CD (Trottel)
Korai Öröm 2000 Sound & Vision - CD+CD-ROM (authors edition)
Korai Öröm 2001 Sound & Vision - CD+CD-ROM (authors edition)
Korai Öröm 2002 - LP (the music of KÖ2001) - Burnt Hippie, Denmark
The life isn't static, why music should be? - music in 'Digital Improvisation' format -(Digimpro)
Reflected (remixes) - CD - 2003 (Periferic Records )
Korai Öröm 2005 - CD+CD-ROM (1 G Records)
Live at Kultiplex 2007 (Only on Songs.hu)
Korai Öröm 2009 (1 G Records)


Music for theatre piece Sanyi, the pilot (d. Peter Halasz) 1996
Music for the movies North, North, Sugarblue (Hungary, 1999) and "Im Juli" (Germany, 2000)
Music for TV, videos, CD-ROMs and other productions


Der Alkemistishe Kongress 1998 (Germany, Shakaree)
Floralia Vol. 2. 1999 (Italy, On/Off Records)
Solipse 1999 (Germany, Shakaree)
Im Juli- Soundtrack 2000 (Germany, Sony)
New music from Central and Eastern Europe Vol.2 2001 (US, Tamizdat)
Korai Öröm 2005 (1 G Records)
Volume Zero 2006 (Lollipopshop, Germany 2007, Korai compilation)
Eastern Space Cake (Lollipopshop, Germany 2007, compilation)


1993-1996 Hungary, Germany
1997-present Hungary, Germany, UK, Ireland, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Makedonia, Kosova, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Russia, Poland.


Tam-Tam - Venice
Showcase - Milano
Day of Music - Genova, Italy
Hungarian fest - Ireland
Pepsi (Student) Island-Main Stage - Hungary
New Music Fest - UK
Burg Herzberg, Klosterrode, Greifswald - Germany
SUB, New World Vibrations, MusicFilmFest - Bulgaria
Alternativa, 4+4 Days, Slauhony - Czech Republic
Pohoda, Alternativne Leto - Slovakia
Ljubljana Summer - Slovenia
Pushkinskaja 10 - St. Petersburg Russia
Crossing Bridges - Kosova

official website: www.korai.hu
official myspace: http://www.myspace.com/koraiorom

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