• YesAsia's annual clearance sale is back!

    1 Nov 2005, 19:49 by helikoppter

    And so, two weeks before I had expected - YesAsia's annual clearance sale has started! Wise from last years experience, when I missed out on several good albums just from waiting a couple of days, I have already placed my first order. There's not even close to as much good stuff as last year, but so far I've gone through the $3-5.99 Korean music and I'm pretty satisfied with what I'm getting:

    Bank - 가질수 없는 너 Bank's first album from 1995! I love the title track, but haven't heard any more from it. Should be at least decent, since it's probably filled with those nice rock ballads Bank usually makes.

    Kona - Flower Dance The 5th album of Kona. I really like the voice of 배영준 and sometimes Kona's style is reminiscent of that of his later band, Where the Story Ends. This could be good ^^

    lecher - Lecher After avoiding buying this for more than 1 year I can't resist it any longer.. I don't know anything about them, but the cover is sorta interesting (I think it's an ugly fish, but I'm not sure. …