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Kohib is Øivind Sjøvoll from Sortland in the north of Norway. He has been an important part of the club-scene in Tromsø, Norway since 1997, first as a DJ, later as a club organizer. In 1998 he started the legendary club Yaz'n with a few friends, Norway's smallest club, famous for it's sweatty funk nights. He is now running the Circa café.

He had his musical debut with the band Parliavox i 2001, mixing funk and jazz with electronica/house elements. He started his solo electronica production autumn 2003, and had is recording debut with the track Truger on the Prima Norsk 3 compilation in 2005. He has remixed a wide range of artist, at first with his Parliavox friend Torbjørn Ingvaldsen, and later solo under the Kohib alias. He is also a member of the electro-pop band F.A.C.E. The Kohib releases ranges from cool dancefloor material, via electro-pop, to the more relaxed headphone/sofa electronica.

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