• And some recommendations

    25 Feb 2008, 22:30 by Kapitankraut

    I should make it clear for those of you new to this that these are the tracks which have been recommended to me, either by LastFM, friends or groups (or in some cases a notorious spammer). I'm not necessarily saying "You must listen to these tracks" - in fact sometimes I'll expressly say that the tracks are terrible. Nevertheless, if you like what I say about your band, you're welcome.

    1. Catrin Noise - "An Evening Breeze"
    A female electronic/trip-hop artist from Banja Luka in Bosnia. Geographically quite interesting, and the shoutbox features some comparisons to a certain weird Icelandic singer-songwriter. The song's not bad, particularly when you realise it's taken from a demo, but falls into the trap that a lot of trip-hop does - the vocals just don't quite go anywhere much. Still, far from a bad listen if this is your thing. This would sound pretty good in a nightclub near the end of the evening.

    2. Malevolent Creation - "Scorned"