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  • Avatar for corvidtabard
  • Avatar for MasterStryke
    whaaat?? he's dead?
  • Avatar for MidwestLounger
    I know I'm late on the uptake but R.I.P. Spaceape. Only started listening to this duo last year and now it's gone. Damn shame really.
  • Avatar for The_SchizoidMan
    R.I.P. Spaceape.
  • Avatar for shitscud
    ...coming like a ghost town.
  • Avatar for catamscott
    difficult listening to Killing Season EP knowing Spaceape has passed. rest in peace
  • Avatar for standelf
    R.I.P. Spaceape
  • Avatar for Seberinoid
    Remembered always in sound.
  • Avatar for suntzutang
    long live spaceape
  • Avatar for rozali
    i will remember him as the bravest and most talented. their collab with kodenine was huge. and i’m forever grateful for what they’ve done.
  • Avatar for legacystarship
    R.I.P. Space. :(
  • Avatar for dukon
    will miss your voice
  • Avatar for shitneys
    rest in peace <3
  • Avatar for tjb0607
    R.I.P. ;_;
  • Avatar for wheresyourblues
  • Avatar for XsokratesX
  • Avatar for Merowinger110
    Another great voice is gone. Rest in peace, man.
  • Avatar for Ldpinch
    R.I.P. Spaceape, so sad
  • Avatar for StrangePooP
    Another good musician taken away from us... R.I.P.
  • Avatar for IvanTank
  • Avatar for sktterbrn
    RIP Spaceape, you will be missed.
  • Avatar for chewtoy
    Sad news. R.I.P. Spaceape.
  • Avatar for the_paulo
    Spaceape :( Fuck cancer.
  • Avatar for TheBartner
    R.I.P. Spaceape
  • Avatar for madrfadr
    "I've also got an EP in the pipeline with Spaceape." - Kode9
  • Avatar for nacht_vogel
    sub sub
  • Avatar for StrangePooP
    @Apple_god In the booklet of the album ;)
  • Avatar for AmMoKk
    love it :D
  • Avatar for Subleam
    Honestly, I only like 9 Samurai and Curious. I hate Spaceape's style and can't help it to be honest...
  • Avatar for Couldtryharder
    Friends, The Spaceape needs your support:
  • Avatar for crackityjones92
    It's ok i guess,nothing special.
  • Avatar for Sam-Silva
  • Avatar for Alcohippie
    For russian listeners - глава из книги Kode9 "Звуковое оружие" в блоге Теснота
  • Avatar for iAdieux
    main picture makes me giggle. but kode9's production is top notch.
  • Avatar for Mousey42
    Just realised how good Memories of the Future is ... damn..
  • Avatar for Apple_god
    Where can I find lyrics from Black Sun?
  • Avatar for portseventeen
    Now, if all dubstep was good like this.
  • Avatar for Shponglation
    Wicked Duo:)))
    Memories of the Future will forever be THE best dubstep album. So classic.
  • Avatar for MediaVita
  • Avatar for FlibbleT
    Really like the new album.
  • Avatar for sabroni
    cool, my random playlist just went from "curious" by these to "Tidal wave" by John Foxx. Strangely similar, considering the decades between them...
  • Avatar for Dunkelheit87
    They sampled from the movie Sunshine( Danny Boyle) on Green Sun.
  • Avatar for DestroyxElysia
    Black Sun is a good album, but nowhere near as amazing as Memories of the Future was.
  • Avatar for xm638
    Black Sun is definitely a contender for my favorite album of 2011 so far.... Amazing lyrics.... really deep stuff. Love it
  • Avatar for sunrisereporter
    Excellent afternoon show in Paris. Kryon forever.
  • Avatar for luishoracio2
    new one's great! I also think it's a step forward
  • Avatar for Eihwaz0
    Love Black Sun, still has that distinct sound while also being a step forward...Cha Cha is a pretty solid addition to the album, too, adding light to complement the Spaceape's dread.
  • Avatar for Amoide
  • Avatar for kralmajales
    so alien, so virallll


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