• Metaltown according to diadara

    29 Jun 2009, 00:47 by diadara

    Unlike my last visit to Metaltown, I was now staying for the whole weekend. Hotel was booked, clothes had been bought and the festival spirit was on top. Unfortunately, we had some minor setbacks while trying to get to Frihamnspiren so we missed Dead by April's gig. On the other hand, I read some reviews and according to them, we didn't miss much. Maybe for the best, I'd hate to be disappointed in a band I enjoy digitally, because they turn out to be awful on stage.

    After standing in a line long as hell to actually get inside the festival area, we made our way through the crowd to see Pain. Man, I love his new sound. Heavy as hell. I might just buy the new album. He ended the show with "Shut Your Mouth" of course, and we felt the pier rock for the first time this weekend.

    Then it was time to welcome Napalm Death to the stage. My boyfriend was ecstatic, he's been a fan since forever. I, on the other hand, can't even pretend to like it. …