• Checkout list (update 180108)

    10 Jan 2008, 20:34 by namnatulco

    Here is where I will post bands that I have checked out (since 10th January 2008, for future reference).
    First of all, I'm using the (to be checked out) for keeping an easy list (click here for the list). Oh, and please don't put recommendations here, but just contact me (shoutbox, email, IM, recommendation system or in person), thank you^^.

    Ok, here we go with artist number one (10/01/08): Kitaro. (ambient/new age)
    In the start, his music sounded a little boring (focused on low volume, repeating sounds), but as always with ambient music, that's what makes it good, too. This music is great if you're in a stressed mood and you want to calm down. Purely music-wise, it sounds a little like a soundtrack for a game or movie (the track Theme from Silk Road might very well be the game's soundtrack, though I haven't actually tried that game). Though I usually do not care as much about vocals, Lady Of Dreams' vocals were quite good to me.
    In Short, this music is pretty nice^^.