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The band
László Kollár-Klemencz: lead singer, guitar
Ádám Gálos: drums
Róbert Farkas Harcsa: accordion
Péter Dorogi: guitar, vocals
Sándor Kiss: bass
János Nádasdi: beatbox, percussion, vocals

Starting up
The Little Cow band was founded by László Kollár-Klemencz after the great success of his songs for the ‘Little yellow cow’ animations.
These playful sparkles - which by the way won the surcharge of the International Animation Festival in Ottawa, October, 2002 - were brought to life by him and Igor Lazin, and that year the protagonist Little Cow became the main advertisement figure of the Sziget Festival.
The band first was formed to play on that certain festival, with a makeshift set-up and a slender repertoire. Those times the band was just a hobby of the members, and it didn’t exist indeed, though László had made two albums with various musicians in the meantime: A Kis Tehén (The Little Cow) was published in 2002, and the Csintalan (Naughty), published in 2004.

Highway to fame
The group – as it is now – ganged up in 2005 and this was also the year of the incredible success of their song Szájber Gyerek (Cyber boy). Though the video clip hadn’t been screened by any commercial channels –for it was said to be too alternative- it became quickly wide-known and popular with the mediation of the internet. A whole country sang this hit all through the year.
In August, 2006 Csintalan became a Gold Album, and Cyber boy broke the ringtone-download records in Hungary. What’s more, the clip headed for weeks the video chart of the Hungarian VIVA television, while the song burst out as a Nr. 1 hit on all the home charts and was chosen as the ‘Song of the year in Hungary’ on the Fonogram Award. Shortly it gained fame even abroad, it gained place on the British ‘Beginner’s Guide to Eastern Europe’ compilation album.
Of course afterwards the public interest arouse quickly in Little Cow: the band was invited to different festivals, village days, cultural celebrations, TV shows in Hungary, but they performed even in Paris, where the audience had also been proved to be enthusiastic.
By 2006 they became one of the country’s most popular bands. Their new album Szerelmes vagyok minden nőbe (I’m in love with every lady) was published that year by Hungary’s leading label: EMI - moreover the Berlin based label Eastblok Music released the international version of the record in February, 2007, which means that nowadays it is available all across Europe. The release party and concert on the 23rd of February in Berlin was a real smash. Soon afterwards their concert in Dortmund brought such a frantic success that they immediately received an invitation for another performance in Berlin.
Thus Little Cow is now getting prepared for a set of conquering tours in Europe, where they can present themselves at last personally to the stirred up public. The first round is to be held in Germany this April.

The reason why their music is so rich, diverse, and revolving –still specific and well recognizable- is because it can not be restricted into one category. We might call it crazy listening or underground pop, or as it was called in Germany: village Beatles - it mixes and matches gypsy, Balkan, rock, ska, dance music in the best proportion. The album I’m in love with every lady for example keeps the serenity, absurdity and humour of the Cyber boy, besides this it is mature, sometimes more than funny, other times deep and poetic.

Video clips
Their second beautiful clip, Flowers in the field was made together with members of gypsy band Romano Drom, and got again wide-known and popular, while the track gained place on the American label Putumayo World Music’s compilation album: Gipsy Grooves, released on 27 March 2007.
Shortly the clip of disk’s entitling hit was filmed too, representing again a different style, a new side of the band: after the jaunty Cyber boy and the settled Flowers in the field now we find ourselves in the lively world of a traveling circus.
Playing roles and performing skits and scenes, however, is nearly related to Little Cow: László Kollár-Klemencz directed a revue based on the songs of the album. All the members are playful and entertaining guys, who like to act and give forth their thoughts also in such interactive ways.

Band website: www.littlecow.eu

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