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  • a verry melodic 80s good Feeling Rock song from KISS!..
  • great great song
  • definitely my earliest metal and my buddy would draw pictures of each persona in hopes that we could sell them to neighbors, magical times as a grade schooler
  • my sister had this cassette lmao
  • ★★★★★
  • Wez ''The Warrior'' Newton!
  • This song beautifully personifies pop rock of its era. Winner.
  • crazy......crazy.......crazy.......crazy nights!!!!!!
  • Disco KISS sucks,.,.,
  • This song is freakin' Inspirational...I feel like I could run a marathon after it!
  • i remember those.....crazy......crazy,,,,,,crazy,,,,,,crazy nights!!!!!!
  • I fucking love it! Fantastic!
  • Yes,it is:)Only with you!!!!!!!!Legend
  • God bless this song.
  • Woo! turn it up!
  • "But I don't hear the rap that they all say" lol they predicted the future.
  • thx VH1 for this song ;p
  • My favourite KISS song
  • People who doesn't like this song is people who never had a craaaazy craaaazy night XD... Rock On!! Kiss
  • Love gun!!!
  • This song rocks! My fav Kiss song!
  • This is my music, it makes me proud.
  • Friend of mine just died, so it's been crazy crazy nights indeed...
  • how bout paul just having another baby... aint he in his sixties? anywho, great great singer, maybe best of all time...
  • How can you not like this song?? Awesome!
  • I was at the Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles when they did this video. Good Times, Good Song!
  • This track is fantastic! ROCK ON ~ KISS!!!!!
  • less than 50K listeners..tisk tisk...
  • KISS 4ever!!!!!
  • best song ever
  • i turned 13 when this album was released.kiss in its melodic rock phase.not a bad album but not great favorite is the gene tune 'hell or high water' off this album.
  • Love it!!!! crazy crazy crazy crazy nights!!!!
  • I totally forgot about this song until I saw them play it live this past summer.
  • Crazy!!
  • This song is best enjoyed live. [2]
  • This song is best enjoyed live.
  • classic crack rock - very addicting
  • Yeah Go Paul Stanley!!!
  • Love this sooooooooong!
  • @ Danielforster, saw them live about 1,5 week ago, and they played this song! Also saw them in 2008, but they didn't play it back then! also played god gave rock n roll to you! such good songs to hear live!! :D
  • Why's it saying it's of Smashes... Why not put it's off of Crazy Nights?! I know it's off both but Smashes was a best of... Kick ass song. Saw them do it live last month, Paul still got it!
  • one of the best rock songs "ever"......................\m/
  • wish they would play this live :(
  • big, big hit ! Good song!
  • First KISS song I ever heard, not my favourite but it's still great :)
  • beautiful KISS..... an absolute masterpiece. <3 \m/ =)
  • Classic Kiss...
  • This is my music, it makes me proud


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