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  • Avatar for XabDeth
    Dirty Livin’!!!!
  • Avatar for Chrilu
    The song is called "Ladies in Waiting", honk...
  • Avatar for sithxhappens
    tira essa main logo nao aguento mais
  • Avatar for raaystanley
    I Love KISS ♥
  • Avatar for Parabellum13x
  • Avatar for Bruno-Thrasher
  • Avatar for flaviovigatto
    Kiss rules.
  • Avatar for RockandMetalGuy
    Top Ten KISS Song 10 Heart Of Chrome 9 Dark Light 8 The Oath 7 Naked City 6 Young And Wasted 5 Ladies and Waiting 4 Makin Love 3 Shandi 2 Dreaming 1 Journey of a 1000 Years
  • Avatar for towardsecstasy
    I love this band ♥
  • Avatar for NoWowNoMore
    calling dr love!
  • Avatar for Chrilu
    Saw them live again this evening and they rocked the hall. Just fantastic...
  • Avatar for noodles1914
    Every KISS army member has a different opinion. I like 70s KISS more for sure, but 80s albums are awesome too, Creatures of the night, Animalize and Crazy nights are pretty good I can tell. In the 90s they made one of the best unplugged concerts ever! And they still made the best rock n roll shows in the world. So, you wanted the best , you got the best.......... KISS
  • Avatar for JenyaChudik
  • Avatar for Chrilu
    Bullshit... They were best between 1974 and 1998... Even great songs after this period.
  • Avatar for M-Morbid
    KISS was at their best 1974-1978!
  • Avatar for rluizmf
    até o dynasty vocês podem ouvir sem medo.
  • Avatar for RafaelSky
    Jewish? Hahahaha!
  • Avatar for nadialesa
    Qué sería yo sin esta banda, como los amoo
  • Avatar for wackmuzach
    Выглядят как чертовы демоны из дьявольского ада, а играют музыку... не соответствующую. "I was made for loving you baby". После таких ванильных текстов краска на их лице должна стать розовой.
  • Avatar for Chrilu
    Can't wait to see them live next month...
  • Avatar for RachelAnselmo
  • Avatar for AnaalForsage
    Most Jewish band ever
  • Avatar for Chrilu
    Venom's got nothing to do with KISS... I like both bands, though. Just listening to "Animalize", RIP, Mark St. John...
  • Avatar for RafaelSky
    Immortal - "All Shall Fall". "kiss got heavy on their later years" Inspiration for make up, dresses, nails perfectly polished etc.
  • Avatar for RafaelSky
    The Venom members were inspired.....
  • Avatar for Chrilu
    Just listening to "Dynasty", great album...
  • Avatar for Schnedlit
    KISS makes me very very :-)!!!
  • Avatar for Pepexepex
    black metal ? lol!! it's glam metal.
  • Avatar for wert100500
    Шутки про "Что это за блэкари?" еще не надоели?
  • Avatar for RafaelSky
    A rock band without make up is like a drag queen without make up. Or like a Muslim without in Germany.
  • Avatar for Chrilu
    Are you on crack or what???
  • Avatar for RafaelSky
    Best black metal band, in my opinion. Even without any Lord of the Rings reference.
  • Avatar for Bruno-Thrasher
    Ace ROCK Frehley
  • Avatar for KISSologist
    Happy birthday, mr. stanley. the one and only starchild. there's no kiss without you. you're always on my mind and in my heart.
  • Avatar for psychoma
    Happy Birthday, Starchild! Always in our hearts!
  • Avatar for CriticalSwitch
    Well said CommandoBurzum
  • Avatar for Herr_Liddell
    Best rock band to ever be created.
  • Avatar for CommandoBurzum
    Rock will not save the world,KISS my cock...
  • Avatar for Francisco__
    Toward 40 million scrobbles!!! :D
  • Avatar for Francisco__
    First on my library!
  • Avatar for LegolasBR
    Classic! <3 _@@@@__@@@@____@@@@_____@@@@______@@@@_ _@@@@_@@@@_____@@@@____@@@@______@@@@_ _@@@@@@@@______@@@@___@@@@______@@@@_ _@@@@@@_________@@@@__@@@@@@@__@@@@@@@_ _@@@@@@@@______@@@@______@@@@______@@@@_ _@@@@__@@@@____@@@@_____@@@@______@@@@_ _@@@@___@@@@___@@@@____@@@@______@@@@_ _@@@@____@@@@__@@@@___@@@@______@@@@_ _@@@@_____@@@@_@@@@__@@@@______@@@@_ _@@@@_____@@@@_@@@@_@@@@______@@@@_
  • Avatar for Minima_Moralia_
    One of my fucking favourite bands ever <3
  • Avatar for EDRORR
    Two TIMER......
  • Avatar for Chrilu
    Baby, baby, don't you hesitate...
  • Avatar for noodles1914
    One of the most influential rock bands ever.
  • Avatar for noodles1914
    _@@@@__@@@@____@@@@_____@@@@______@@@@_ _@@@@_@@@@_____@@@@____@@@@______@@@@_ _@@@@@@@@______@@@@___@@@@______@@@@_ _@@@@@@_________@@@@__@@@@@@@__@@@@@@@_ _@@@@@@@@______@@@@______@@@@______@@@@_ _@@@@__@@@@____@@@@_____@@@@______@@@@_ _@@@@___@@@@___@@@@____@@@@______@@@@_ _@@@@____@@@@__@@@@___@@@@______@@@@_ _@@@@_____@@@@_@@@@__@@@@______@@@@_ _@@@@_____@@@@_@@@@_@@@@______@@@@_
  • Avatar for GodofDeathMetal
  • Avatar for Minima_Moralia_
    One of the best bands on Earth, they frikkin' rules! [2]
  • Avatar for Francisco__
    We need your help guys to bring back old last fm:
  • Avatar for EDRORR
    Psycho Circus is really underrated.


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