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There are three groups of artists with this name:

1) KISS, American rock band 2) Kiss, Korean pop trio → 키스 or K.I.S.S. 3) Kiss, Taiwanese girl group

KISS is an American band that formed in New York City, USA in 1973. The group has performed and recorded continuously since their formation. KISS has sold over 100 million albums worldwide and has been awarded 45 gold albums to date, and has certified sales of 19 million… read more

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  • Ace ROCK Frehley
  • Happy birthday, mr. stanley. the one and only starchild. there's no kiss without you. you're always on my mind and in my heart.
  • Happy Birthday, Starchild! Always in our hearts!
  • Well said CommandoBurzum
  • Best rock band to ever be created.
  • Rock will not save the world,KISS my cock...
  • Toward 40 million scrobbles!!! :D
  • First on my library!
  • Classic! <3 _@@@@__@@@@____@@@@_____@@@@______@@@@_ _@@@@_@@@@_____@@@@____@@@@______@@@@_ _@@@@@@@@______@@@@___@@@@______@@@@_ _@@@@@@_________@@@@__@@@@@@@__@@@@@@@_ _@@@@@@@@______@@@@______@@@@______@@@@_ _@@@@__@@@@____@@@@_____@@@@______@@@@_ _@@@@___@@@@___@@@@____@@@@______@@@@_ _@@@@____@@@@__@@@@___@@@@______@@@@_ _@@@@_____@@@@_@@@@__@@@@______@@@@_ _@@@@_____@@@@_@@@@_@@@@______@@@@_
  • One of my fucking favourite bands ever <3

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