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Kings of Leon

True Love Way (4:02)


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  • True.mp3 http://musicnoow.com/v/wMslmzZSzHs/ryan-cabrera-true-lyrics
  • Download from youtube here: True.mp3 http://musicnoow.com/v/wMslmzZSzHs/ryan-cabrera-true-lyrics
  • So fuckn bad this youtube version filmed by smartphone.Give me a headache when i hear it to long--
  • Fav.
  • Fave K O L, is it Cool to say that,well i have said it.Very Sexy indeed
  • ridiculously sexy song.
  • Like IT!
  • nice!
  • very very very deep
  • always loved this song.
  • favorite song, almost ever. always think about someone.
  • thrilling! exciting!
  • so i can't touch what i haven't yet
  • Never got sick of this song.
  • What a great and simple solo in the end. They have real gift in building tension and atmosphere in songs.
  • beginning of my love for kings of leon <3
  • i♥ much..!! i♥ much..!! i♥ much..!! i♥ much..!! i♥ much..!! i♥ much..!! ...
  • this is awesome! really it is!
  • KOL The best and it builds...
  • Led Zeppelin of 00s
  • KOL can do no wrong!
  • the "oh oh oh oh oh oh oh" made it for me. the way you orchestrated them damn drums with the guitar just never makes me wonder why i love you. thank you.
  • so many memories attached to this song...
  • whole song rocks on ! :)
  • I love the guitar outro.Golden.
  • Simply amazing.
  • No theyre not great anymore , this song alone beats every song on only by the night
  • They were always good. Shut up. Fucking people, man. [1] Still are. Fucking great track!
  • KOL, lets go back to this. kthx.
  • MMMM - that voice....
  • yeah.. nice band, nice song.. mmh *.* =D
  • KOL getting a bit of a lashing from some "Fans" and Media Whores,and no longer the media darlings they once were.But trax like this are why i love them so...So fuckin sexy and i defy anyone to stand still in their Indie standard isssue garb when this is playing...fuckin awesome
  • One of my favs by them.
  • Underrated.
  • Favorite track of this album :)
  • my favorite.
  • sharing a smile so far from home... perfect
  • perfect.
  • one of their very best <3
  • yessss.
  • Sing it Caleb!
  • one of their best.
  • awsumz
  • yes! one of my favourites :D
  • i love it!
  • when they were good.
  • im in love with his raspy voice! oh man


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