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  • Avatar for Shuanny
    que música linda <3
  • Avatar for Leods19
  • Avatar for byqui
    My fav song :)
  • Avatar for jammyofstafford
    Love this!! This is the song that got me into KOL I can remember watching them perform it on TOTP when it came out...I miss TOTP lol..
  • Avatar for irken1
  • Avatar for Marucin666
    This video always puts a smile on my face, esp. Caleb's smile at 2:23. :) [2]
  • Avatar for Samdabomb
    Favourite KOL song!
  • Avatar for Versional Confirms this.
  • Avatar for Versional
    It's not about suicide. It's about one of them being intimidated about performing and being a "star".
  • Avatar for kwisnoski
    This video always puts a smile on my face, esp. Caleb's smile at 2:23. :)
  • Avatar for Muzafuza
    The melody kinda reminds me of led zeppelin's Going to California, at some parts :)
  • Avatar for iLoveDUB
    It's really not a happy song, it's about suicide... still good though, one of my faves of theirs!
  • Avatar for Bourgi
    This Song makes me feel so good and happy. Amazing
  • Avatar for Specter0926
    You kick The Bucket and I'll swing my legs.
  • Avatar for garv1234
    First time i heard this track. Very good
  • Avatar for ThommesHansen
  • Avatar for miserabletempst
    fuck its crazy how i need to listen to this song every i crazy or are there other people who are the same?
  • Avatar for wolvesdan
    I miss them. Even though I see them and hear them often...I miss the way the used to be. (2)
  • Avatar for drtysmile
    The 'woooooooooooooooooo' in the beginning makes my heart beat faster for a sec.
  • Avatar for sebavildosola
    Me gusta el indie, pero ya depués de haber escuchado harto tiempo la radio siento que todas las canciones empiezan iguales loooocooo!! es terriblee!, pero bueno igual me sigue gustando la shit.
  • Avatar for AshleaAnn
    Pretty much my favourite KOL song... <3
  • Avatar for marsbars19
    Favorite KOL song on my favorite KOL album
  • Avatar for cookie_scream
    great !
  • Avatar for MusicismyLifeRB
    First Song I ever heard by KOL, Knew they were going to be huge after hearing it just once. One of my favorite bands to this day
  • Avatar for spacemanE
    @chato yeah man, mgmt is so anti-corporation n whatnot, they don't make popular music at all! right on! yeah!
  • Avatar for Tom_Pullings
    Love it.
  • Avatar for chato420
    they burned out to quick and tried to be wat everyone wanted them to and now people are tired of that sound its funny maybe if they kept making good song like MILK and this they would have had more staying power..thats why u have to be like mgmt and just make the music u want and people will eventually see the light.
  • Avatar for Prize24
    my favorite KOL song
  • Avatar for formisano08
    Love me some KOL. :) <3
  • Avatar for Andr3a89
  • Avatar for moodygina
    Just my favorite KOL track of all time. I miss them. Even though I see them and hear them often...I miss the way the used to be.
  • Avatar for Greenante
    They need to go back to this sound
  • Avatar for LilLaura1702
    this song is me and Heather getting ready to go to a MadDog gig when we were 15, going to the pub, getting served, getting pissed and singing this back to her house at about midnight. 1 of my fondest school days memories asi think it was on a Thursday!!
  • Avatar for DAC545
    I remember when this was their biggest hit.. pretty different scale than nowadays
  • Avatar for annaoj
    absolute favorite
  • Avatar for KeirP07
    All time favorite Kings........... song. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooo glastonbury 02 or 03, can't remember i was on drugs and have been since. hahahhahhahahah
  • Avatar for somasoma
    love the lyrics for real.
  • Avatar for ShahrodK
    oh haiii
  • Avatar for SideFlower
    "...You kick the bucket, and i'll swing my legs!" :)
  • Avatar for Sathri
  • Avatar for junkheadinfect
    i love love looooove KOL :D
  • Avatar for BHAFALMER
    Top of the tree track!
  • Avatar for miltonmania
    Definately their best yet.
  • Avatar for musicbox01
    Such an amazing song...probably their best so far
  • Avatar for Tom_Pullings
  • Avatar for waffleswaffles
    Keep on playing... Keep on playing... Keep on playing... Keep on playing...
  • Avatar for Highland_Mary
    I wish they would go back to sounding like this...! my favourite song of kol.
  • Avatar for Ostseekindchen
    a classic!
  • Avatar for BillyShears87
    best one
  • Avatar for xEvyn
    So fucking great.


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