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  • Avatar for Adriana_dil
    Not really. Hahahahaha @Mesouki: A fucking song. Or not?
  • Avatar for JCGuerrero
    Essa música é nostálgica! Saudade do tempo em que KOL fazia música!
  • Avatar for Mesouki
    A fucking song. Or not?
  • Avatar for MarssRoxx
  • Avatar for soldier_jane
    agree love some old KOL...great memories!
  • Avatar for monse_1030
    ahhhhhh my favorite KOL songg<3 lovin the waay he sayss sofft.
  • Avatar for Versional
    I danced to all your fucking soul.
  • Avatar for hoodbrilliance
    real shit. penis is not the 7/11.
  • Avatar for rmivania
    hola soy ivania y kero conocer amigos
  • Avatar for herrnenne
    The change in pace <3
  • Avatar for kristalb93
    i absolutely love it! haha erectile dysfunction >.<
  • Avatar for spychaj
    sick lyrics :D
  • Avatar for PrinceOWeasels
    im sawwwwwft!
  • Avatar for teresuh
    where is the super love button
  • Avatar for jammyofstafford
    I saw KOL sunday night at the V Festival they,re now up there with the modern day greats
  • Avatar for KatrinAleks
  • Avatar for Paul-Nic
    1 Million plays :)
  • Avatar for ejeffers
    Ol' Kings of Leon > New Kings of Leon
  • Avatar for HerPipeDream
    @jbrown4: word!!
  • Avatar for jbrown4
    God I wish they still made music like this instead of shitty area rock...sigh
  • Avatar for lovelikespring
    i'd come into your party but i'm soft.
  • Avatar for MusikMtsJoy
    Love this song! woohooo... You let your perfect nipples SHOW!!! lol
  • Avatar for dead_phred
    Best KOL song by far.
  • Avatar for rome_is_rome
    songs like this are really great. You can sing this song whether or not you can sing. What a fun song to sing along to.
  • Avatar for ErIcKtHeLoKo
  • Avatar for chunkylady
    he's soft because what he feels for her is so innocent and pure :)
  • Avatar for StinkySQL
    Whiskey will do that to you ... LOL
  • Avatar for Floxiis
  • Avatar for BleedingBullets
    erectile dysfunction FTW!
  • Avatar for marcella_gs
    I don't think this song could ever get old.... +1
  • Avatar for madzag
    The more KOL I listen the more i like these guys.
  • Avatar for lilanab231
    i love how they express themselves so unique
  • Avatar for pjbird
    Im a KOL fan but never heard this before..... What a sheltered life I must have led
  • Avatar for O_C_D
    I'm soft!
  • Avatar for codycadaver
  • Avatar for norahtorah
    I don't think this song could ever get old....
  • Avatar for rubrabbit
    I'm passed out in your garden.
  • Avatar for dead_phred
    Shit, man. I love this song.
  • Avatar for Jetkidd
    Haha dirty ass song love it
  • Avatar for 007staples
  • Avatar for FlyingSamovar
    automatically puts me in a good mood
  • Avatar for thesailorsays
    i try to keep up to the beat but its too fast, i love it
  • Avatar for katinschka
    CRAZY !!!! :) yeah
  • Avatar for Ginderman37
    omfg, i miss this
  • Avatar for PoorMonger
    i do love this song, though it seems to be the only Kings of Leon track that ever plays for me on here.
  • Avatar for BeNgEE4
    haha dirty song
  • Avatar for mghnhly
    this song is so sexy, despite the circumstance.
  • Avatar for pimpmybike
    omg. awesome
  • Avatar for brigantz
    holly kings of leeeeoooon!!! that's musiiic
  • Avatar for whitecollarboy_
    This song is amazing. The first song by them that's been really, really impressive to me.


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