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  • Avatar for spiritbouleau
    definitely one of their best
  • Avatar for tina_tana
    This one is probably my favourite of all the B-sides
  • Avatar for Daniel_Green
    Amazing song!
  • Avatar for magdu7777777
    Tsss, I'll tell you something very quietly. FRONTIER CITY must have been hidden from the masses that;s why isn't included in the album . It is reserved for very few people. Like a hidden treasure. Don't be annoyed that people don't like it so much as we do. Just listen this beloved song and imagine Kings of Leon are playing special concert only for you. Feel that cosiness... Now I love this song much more ( if it's possible) ((:
  • Avatar for Batutao
    1000x Better than most of the OBTN songs
  • Avatar for sopheelovesyou
    since when was this song on 'only by the night' ?!?!?!
  • Avatar for brakelights
    this song is so confusing because half is beautiful and the other half is AWFUL
  • Avatar for tasmin20
  • Avatar for sofiathedancer
    this song is so beautiful and melancholic and sad and beautiful
  • Avatar for efe_gallagher
    Just like Be Somebody, another example of a great verse lost in a crappy chorus =/
  • Avatar for kallekk
    Better than most of they're album tracks
  • Avatar for JackMcFearless
  • Avatar for Sofii_Zoe
    I simply adore this song!
  • Avatar for californiawait
    better than closer, use somebody, i want you and revelry.
  • Avatar for maddam92
    great song kol<3
  • Avatar for prizefyter
    Simply awesome!
  • Avatar for MusikMtsJoy
    such a beautiful song!!.... it seems like it's hiding from the listeners.
  • Avatar for llaella
    "cause life is going, going gone..." powerful.
  • Avatar for Air-wrik
    this song doesnt get the rcognition it deserves.
  • Avatar for LUCE08
    gorgeous song, like cold desert
  • Avatar for Sara_ricoops
    best song theyve made since aha shake. and its not even on the album. god theyve gone TERRIBLE! TERRIBLE! (compared to what they WERE)
  • Avatar for minimagpie
    Deseves to be on an album. Really good song
  • Avatar for muchaveer
    Cold desert has nothing to do with this (amazing, btw) song. so cut the crap, people.
  • Avatar for murkot_
    love it;)
  • Avatar for kkinseyallyn
    Im not a huge fan of Kings, but I really do enjoy this song. I dont understand the hype with Kings, but perhaps this song will open up a window.
  • Avatar for christophlieber
    cold desert is so much better than this!
  • Avatar for empe7
    no, the don't :( fantastic song, I love it <3
  • Avatar for amputeee
    probably my favourite KoL's song... *_* but they don't play it live, do they?
  • Avatar for Cobwebs_
    Cold Desert is a really important song to Caleb, he stated it's his most honest song and started crying when he heard the finished track. Cold Desert > Frontier City, IMHO.
  • Avatar for mwappo
    Caleb said that he was drunk and hardly even remembers singing/recording cold desert, but when he heard it back he loved it and wanted it on the album. Doubt very much it was a total label decision to add that. But I must say that Frontier City is an amazing song. If this was on the album I think it would be my favorite. Watch this homemade video clip somebody made too, its really cool
  • Avatar for Vardeth
    love this
  • Avatar for dol1parts
    nice.... i agree cold desert isn't as good
  • Avatar for SarahRocktHH
    I really want that song!!
  • Avatar for CarolineBelfast
    sooo need to hear this live!!!
  • Avatar for eggshmeg35
    Cold Desert is such a shit song. This song should have replaced it for sure.
  • Avatar for frankie-wilde
    shoulda replaced cold desert, horrible fucking tune that was a total label decision to add that
  • Avatar for SadieEcstasy
  • Avatar for TomStuchinski
    i love "i want you".. if any of em should have been cut it was def. 17
  • Avatar for LLC1983
    Caleb has THE best voice - and he's one sexy fella to boot :)
  • Avatar for worldgirl1
    amazing song, shoulda made the album
  • Avatar for Joybrata
    Find yourself a new frontier!
  • Avatar for lotr666
  • Avatar for climate
    I seriously don't understand how this song wasn't included in the album. This is one of their most stunning songs, and one of the most stunning songs I've ever heard.

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