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  • Avatar for Cure1980
    it s psyedelic britpoo ala boards of canada.,.
  • Avatar for redmosquito1975
    When KOL in Italy?
  • Avatar for wanderlusting__
    she must be plum crazy (i kinda think i like her)
  • Avatar for rajivg
    back when they actually wrote good songs. oh well...
  • Avatar for MCIS
    Favorite KOL song. Oh yeah. Hurtfully pretty.
  • Avatar for jahoy
    as jidzee said, that bass line is killer!
  • Avatar for Leods19
  • Avatar for JackMcFearless
    I wish there were six stars in my media library for this song.
  • Avatar for Gracelover16
    Such a wonderful song
  • Avatar for shadd_
    Favorite song by the Kings. First song I heard by them. [2]
  • Avatar for Alnico
    Driving along and my 8 year old daughter says put it on song No.8 Dad..................we have a KOL personal compilation disc in the car. And what comes on Arizona! She likes this song and so do I. One o KOL's best by a long shot.
  • Avatar for valplayer
    bon titre
  • Avatar for weedbringer
    My face is laying on the pavement, tasting something awful. I hate when that happens.. Awesome tune, and for me Caleb has the best voice in the universe, no doubt.. It's hard to understand how it is possible
  • Avatar for jimmy_brooks
    i kinda think i like her, i kinda think i doooo
  • Avatar for dudu90091
    Hier stimmt alles.Brüder macht weiter so !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for Jidzze
    I love the bass line
  • Avatar for bdc31323
    favorite song by them
  • Avatar for herrnenne
    I thought this was a good song on a great album for a long time. Then I read the comments here, how people loved it and thought it was the best, and I really listened. The lyrics, the guitars, the bass, the feeling, everything just fell into place, and I understood. One of their absolute best songs.
  • Avatar for Tom_Pullings
    too drunk to
  • Avatar for alicecwilliams
    This is without a doubt KOL's best song.
  • Avatar for Storchel
    too drunk to remember..
  • Avatar for TeHEnigma
    Got so much love for KoL for this track alone.
  • Avatar for shakermaker05
    What a song. Kings of Leon genius.
  • Avatar for august_march
    I would love to love this twice.
  • Avatar for Ujac705
    so chill... could play this over and over and never get sick of it. Because of the Times is the album that made me a huge fan of KOL.
  • Avatar for kaitlinck
    Is and always has been my favorite song by them. I've listened to this song for a few years now, and it still has the same effect as the first listen.
  • Avatar for chokeonvinyl
    Favorite song by the Kings. First song I heard by them. Favorite song of all time. I will never in my life be able to explain how important this song is to me.
  • Avatar for seangillen
    the bass line is insane
  • Avatar for petra_ale
    I want to favorite this song a million times. [2] no better way to express how I feel about Arizona.
  • Avatar for masteroforion
    I'm literally in love with this song
  • Avatar for tettigonia
    great sound layer - great voice!!
  • Avatar for monse_1030
    soo beautiful<3
  • Avatar for MCIS
    Favorite KOL song evah!
  • Avatar for bflo621
    I want to favorite this song a million times.
  • Avatar for RadioheadManiac
    Better than like, all their singles.
  • Avatar for timmerd
    words can't describe about how good this song is.
  • Avatar for autumngaze
    all i ever wanted
  • Avatar for flashnukka
  • Avatar for novarusma
    this song calms me down.
  • Avatar for AnnaHermsen
  • Avatar for soldier_jane
    my favorite leon song.....!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for theteenagequeen
    'shake hands.'
  • Avatar for mrpaul01
    Ah... Older Kings of Leon... such a shame what happened to them.
  • Avatar for mistielovesyou
    i'm speechless.
  • Avatar for Dorotawu
  • Avatar for herrnenne
    I kinda think I like her. I kinda think I do.
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