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Kings Of Last Night is the work of Paul G. Hunt, whose main musical influences are ABBA and the Smiths and who simply wants to write songs the kids can’t help but dance to.

Damn Poets is full of compact, radio-ready songs: simple melodies and shamelessly memorable choruses relate odes to disc jockeys (“Hello DJ”) and Miss Belgium, as well as a tale of a haunted supermarket, and the easiest whodunit in history (“Open and Shut”).

If 2011 were 1920, and Holland were Ireland, Paul G. Hunt would be drunkenly strolling along the banks of the Liffey, taking off his hat for comely ladies and turning his Dublin encounters into brilliant, unintelligible prose. And if the early 21st century were the late 19th, and the Rhine were the Mississippi, he would be a playful rascal on and off of riverboats, getting into all kinds of interesting trouble along the way.

In this life, however, he shops for groceries and writes simple songs about this complicated modern life.

Kings Of Last Night (www.kingsoflastnight.com) is based in The Hague, The Netherlands and previously operated as Wolkenvelden and B-movies.

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