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Starless and Bible Black
King Crimson

Starless and Bible Black



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  • If I remember correctly, this was the first KC studio album I ever bought, not a good first choice. This is probably the most experimental and challenging Crimson album. Of course, because I was initiated with this, the rest of their catalogue was easier to get into. Crimso is one of those bands that are difficult to get into, but whose music is very rewarding once you do.
  • @hessel-z Glad to hear it got its hooks in you. I think it is a bit harder to love right out of the gate than Red or In the Court, or Larks' Tongues for that matter, but the combination of improvisational quality, excellent through-composed tracks and overall performance gives it my vote for best KC album of all. Lizard is my personal favorite but I would say SaBB is objectively "better."
  • The Night Watch is my delight.
  • It took me a while to get into this one, but now it's one of the King Crimson albums I've been listening to the most lately. I really love the opening track and The Night Watch.
  • This was were i got interested in OF. Bill Bruford was formerly with YES, and i listened to see what directions musically he was going. Did not expect the explosions of sound that are displayed on this. side one was like walking into a think tank where all the guys are genius level and in just trying to catch up. The music was rock, electronic, some hints of jazz and classical. Very ambitious. Side 2 - rules of music are thrown out the window nd run over by a back truck
  • I've always loved Lament's slow, melodic intro that leads into its jagged, disjoint ending.
  • Magnifico...t7b...where are the album covers?
  • mk741 wrote: The bass on We'll Let You Know is stunning. Hey you are right. This has always been a favorite song but I just never thought about what great work the bass was doing here. I guess I just took it for granted.
  • The Night Watch is breathteaking
  • The bass on We'll Let You Know is stunning.

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