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  • Tank u fripp,u show us really prog rock.
  • I grew up with sound of KC and PF and they are both my one of the favourite bands ever,PF is my number one and KC comes after David Bowie,The doors and Led zeppelin.I have to tell you that you really cannot say that KC is better than PF or PF is better that KC it dependts on your taste in music.I prefer PF over KC because my opinion is that KC did not played the same progressive rock after Red.I must repeat this one more time,it dependts on the taste you prefer in music that you are listening.PF rocks and long live the Crimson king
  • King Crimson can not be compared with any other band, stop saying stupid things... then KC > all. xD
  • i don't think it is, especially not when compared to the stuff PF produced at that time.
  • [url=]This.[/url]
  • the Islands 40th anni. edition's release is listed as: 2010/05/19 (according to
  • i agree that Floyd couldn't match KC in any way, but i don't think there's anything wrong with any of their stuff up to Animals. i also agree that they aren't very similar.
  • Experimental or pop, good or bad, there is no correlation. King Crimson and Pink Floyd are two of the most important bands in the history of music, and they did completely different things. I can't think of any KC vocalist that sounds particularly similar to Gilmour or Waters. Production and recording-wise the bands differed greatly. Compare the tradenark lush, clean and spacy sound of PF to the dry, abrasive and aggressive sound typical of 70s KC. The sorrowful, economic blues of Gilmour to the idiosyncratic approach of Fripp, influenced by jazz and 20th century classical music. One could sit all day contrasting aspects of the two bands. Nice to see that there is some sensible people here.
  • Not as boring as your attempts to provoke (troll) people ^^
  • waiting for IN THE WAKE OF POSEIDON, ISLANDS and BEAT new mixes!!!
  • 'The Court of the Crimson King' = Epic [2]
  • Wow, this gay band ripped all of their shit off from Tool. You'd think a bunch of old people would be able to come up with something more original. At least, I'd think that you would think that. Old people tend to be smarter than young people, unless they're uneducated or going senile. In fact, maybe that's it. The members of this band are going senile. That's why they have to rip everything they do off of more original bands, like Tool.
  • Starless is one of the most beautiful song made.
  • Please join
  • yeah they're pretty different also pink floyd is better
  • I don't really see the Floyd comparison, but if it works for you...
  • Robert Fripp - destroyer of forms!! :)
  • damn, red kicks my ass
  • I have Heavy ConstruKction and really like. Actually think I enjoyed it more than Great Deceiver, but only because it's less redundant.
  • @LiquidEternity: I actually didn't include the second disc of Ladies because it has redundant bits. But if I did, oh man
  • One of the best bands ever and of course the best progressive rock band along with Pink floyd.
  • Moss, I'm sure Ladies of the Road really helps that one.
  • I just realized that I have 3 and a half hours worth of 21st Century Schizoid Man. Should marathon it one day.
  • =P Also, 21st Century Schizoid Man live! it's on Earthboard, USA, several times on Epitaph and The great Deceiver, plus the Night Watch, and VROOOM VROOOM. :O but hell, it is fantastic :)
  • t3phez, according to your charts you really like listening to the live version of Easy Money, wow.
  • and i agree with you LiquidEternity, a glance at my top tracks list would suggest I reeaaally like listening to Easy Money live. It is great but yeah, it's more to do with the fact that I have about a hundred versions of it XD
  • THRaKaTTaK is brilliant, though :) if you're familiar with the whole THRAKTHRAKTHRAKTHRAKcrazyimprovTHRAKTHRAK arrangement.
  • For live versions you only need 'The Great Deceiver'. And while Easy money may occur a few times, they all sound completely different. Best live album ever.
  • THRaKaTTaK (Part II).
  • "The Great Deceiver is all you'll ever need"... Perhaps, but I might put forward that it's a lot MORE than you need. I love 70s KC, yeah, but having seven versions of Easy Money is perhaps a bit of overkill. At least to me it is.
  • Holy smoke, somebody blew up the pope!
  • Come on guys. The Great Deceiver is all you'll ever need (for mid-'70s KC, at least), if just for the song "Doctor Diamond."
  • i think i also like USA and The Night Watch the best. at least from what i've heard so far.
  • Absent Lovers is the best. Get it. VROOOM VROOOM is a real thrill for crimson veterans though :) listen to lucas7599, they are all amazing and worth hearing, except Earthbound, and even that's got a facemelting version of 21st century schizoid man. It's just also layered with tape distortion.
  • @ishy shan, get The nightwatch. double live album. from 1973. itsgreat. and also usa.
  • *prostrates*
  • Thank u fripp.
  • Absent Lovers is really, really good, despite how much 80s material is on it. But yeah, USA is neat.
  • ItCotCK and Larks' Tongues, easily.
  • Have not heard all albums, and need to relisten others, but damn, I'll just go and say that ITCOTKC and Red are the best!
  • Come on, stop spam about bullshit.
  • Come on, take a look! [group]Pink Floyd is better without Syd[/group]
  • "The opinion of most musicians I have met is that the music industry sucks. This is because the music industry sucks" - Robert Fripp, what a legend.
  • waiting for In The Wake Of Poseidon, Islands, Beat & Thark new mixes!!!
  • mattmacneil you must be insane to say the in the court is boring... or mayebe you're stupid
  • Matte kudasai
  • Book of Saturday is easily the best song written by KC.
  • Easy Money =]
  • Am I the only one thinking that in "Starless" there possibly are blastbeats @ 8:28-8:29 (at least with my version(12:18 long))?
  • Is there a version of "One More Red Nightmare" without that handclaps? Also, thanks to everyone recommending stuff to me.


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