• show playlist - 19/06/07

    Giu 27 2007, 11:26 di tuesdayclub

  • May 2, 2007: Sometimes it's not just about the money.

    Mag 2 2007, 20:09 di sundaydandelion

    I don't carry an iPod, or any other kind of music player. I rely on my handy cellphone, which, with its rather small memory, can carry a good 20-25 songs. I'm not complaining. Having my phone in my pocket and earphones around my neck make me feel completely secure that I have not been robbed while commuting the dangerous streets of Manila. I like putting in random music on my player, sometimes familiar songs, sometimes unfamiliar songs - I don't recognize half of the 2000++ tracks in my iTunes - and have them run through my head all day. The time it takes for me to get from my house to my workplace is enough time to play all the songs on my player. And the same goes for when I commute home. By the end of the week, I memorize these songs. It's a good way for me to discover the artists that are already in my playlist on my computer.

    I will be updating this blog with the "current tunes" on my phone, starting today.

    Kind of Girl - Poetry boy
    Popsicle - A Song Ago
    Athlete - Chances
  • Top 10: Jun 18 - 25

    Giu 30 2006, 1:17 di demented_budgie

    1 Tila Tequila
    Okay, okay, so it's kind of trashy pop. But SO electric, and SO addictive, she makes me want to get up and dance. Plus she's really cute.
    Listening to: Electric Bon Bon

    2 Jay-Z and Linkin Park
    Don't even remember listening to this in the last week, but apparently I did. Yeah I always liked this LP&Jay-Z stuff, even though most Linkin Park fans didn't. I like hip-hop and rock together.
    Listening to: Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying From You

    3 AFI
    Not sure what I think about the new stuff, in my opinion it sounds quite different. Kind of mainstream and predictable I guess, but yeah, okay.
    Listening to: Miss Murder

    Listened to their stuff for the first time. I thought I’d like it a bit more.. Dunno, I guess they’ll just take a bit of getting used to. Very unique. I guess I should give them more of a go.
    Listening to: Cage

    5 Kind of Girl
    Band that I started listening to through a recommendation on here. REALLY good, I love them, and would recommend them.