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They made their debut in 1997 with their single Glass no Shounen (Glass Boy), which made them a number one on the hit chart ORICON for many weeks. They are also listed in the Guinness Book of Records, where they are credited with having most number of consecutive singles that debuted at #1 on their charts. These CDs include Eien no Bloods (Forever Blood) and Hey Minna, Genki Kai? (Hey! How’s everybody?). Also they have a show called Domoto Kyodai (Domoto Sibilings) which features various music artist. As of writing, all 23 of their singles have debuted at #1.

Widely known in Japan, the KinKi Kids are very popular among girls of all ages, and their subscription concerts even draw boys. Not only do they sing, but they are also talented actors, having appeared in popular dramas and sitcoms. For example, Tsuyoshi played a part in Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo (Young Kindaichi’s case files), and Koichi was in Remote. They have their own variety show called Domoto Kyoudai (The Domoto brothers). However despite their shared surnames they are in fact completely unrelated and hail from two different prefectures in the Kinki region (according to the japanese version of this page.)

KinKi Kids are signed and promoted by Johnny and Associates. Other well-known Johnny and Associates groups include SMAP, TOKIO, V6, NewS and Arashi.


A album (Jul 21,1997)
B album (Aug 12,1998)
C album (Aug 4,1999)
KinKi Single Selection (May 17,2000)
D album (Dec 13,2000)
E album (Jul 25,2001)
F album (Dec 26,2002)
G album -24/7- (Oct 22,2003)
KinKi Single Selection 2 (Dec 22, 2004)
H album - H.A.N.D. - (Nov 16,2005)
I album -iD- (December 14, 2006) (Upcoming)


Glass no Shounen (硝子の少年) (Jul 21, 1997)
Aisareru Yori Aishitai (愛されるより愛したい) (Nov 12, 1997)
Jetcoaster Romance (ジェットコースター・ロマンス) (Apr 22,1998)
Zenbu Dakishimete / Ao no Jidai (全部だきしめて/青の時代) (Jul 29,1998)
Happy Happy Greeting / Cinderella Christmas (Happy Happy Greeting/シンデレラ・クリスマス) (Dec 9,1998)
Yamenai de, PURE (やめないで、PURE) (Feb 24,1999)
Flower (フラワー) (May 26,1999)
Ame no Melody / to Heart (雨のMelody/to Heart) (Oct 6,1999)
Suki ni Natteku Aishiteku / KinKi no Yaru Ki Manman Song (好きになってく 愛してく/KinKiのやる気まんまんソング) (Mar 8,2000)
Natsu no Ousama / Mou Kimi Igai Aisenai (夏の王様/もう君以外愛せない) (Jun 21,2000)
Boku no Senaka ni wa Hane ga Aru (ボクの背中には羽根がある) (Feb 7,2001)
Jounetsu (情熱) (May 23,2001)
Hey! Minna Genki Kai? (Hey! みんな元気かい?) (Nov 14,2001)
Kanashimi Blue (カナシミ ブルー) (May 2,2002)
solitude ~Hontou no Sayonara~ (solitude~真実のサヨナラ~) (Oct 23,2002)
Eien no BLOODS (永遠のBLOODS) (Apr 9,2003)
Kokoro ni Yume wo Kimi ni wa Ai wo / Gira☆Gira (心に夢を君には愛を/ギラ☆ギラ) (Jun 18,2003)
Hakka Candy (薄荷キャンディー) (Aug 13,2003)
Ne, Ganbaru yo. (ね、がんばるよ。) (Jan 15,2004) (Penned by Yoshida Miwa of DREAMS COME TRUE)
Anniversary (Dec 22,2004)
Velvet no Yami (ビロードの闇) (June 15,2005)
SNOW! SNOW! SNOW! (December 21,2005)
Natsu Moyou (夏模様) (July 26, 2006)
Harmony of December (November 29, 2006) (Upcoming)


us (May 20,1998)
KinKi Kids 3 days Panic! at Tokyo Dome ‘98-‘99 (Apr 20,1999)
KinKi KISS Single Selection (May 9,2001)
*VHS Title: “KinKi KISS Single Selection 1” and “KinKi KISS Single Selection 2”
KinKi Kids Returns! 2001 Taipei Concert (Sep 5,2001)
-ism (Jan 9,2002)
KinKi Kids F Dome Concert ~Fun Fan Forever~ (Dec 3,2003)
KinKi KiSS 2 Single Selection (Jul 14,2004)
*VHS Title: “KinKi KISS 3 Single Selection”
KinKi Kids Dome Tour 2004-2005 Font De Anniversary (Aug 3,2005)

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