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There are more than one artist by the name Kill:

1) Swedish black metal band from Gothenburg, formed in 1998. They have released three full length albums; Horned Holocaust, Inverted Funeral and No Catharsis, a couple of EP's (Morbid Curse and Necro) and a live album titled Live For Satan.

2) Kill is a four-divided musical project that consists of Are Mokkelbost, Martin Horntveth, Erlend Mokkelbost and Espen Hangård. They create very intense and interesting noise music. Related artists are Single Unit and Arm. More info can be found on Are Mokkelbost-archive.

3) An black metal/noise project born in 1991. making black metal mixed with noise, inspired by I's hatred towards the human race and a passion for nature. The project is solo, with the only member being 'I', and anonymous artist. The Myspace page states 'Barbados' as country, but nothing is known about I, who he is and where he is from. myspace page for Kill


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