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-Solo artist and frontman for Auckland post-grunge rock band Kasium, Kieran Cooper has released his first solo album "In Search Of Reason", as a free download in January 2011 and is already working on his second solo album with the promise of finely crafted songs and plenty of hooks to keep you engaged.+Since 2004, Kieran has been playing solo and in bands throughout the Auckland area. He also has a Diploma in Audio Engineering and produces music for up and coming bands.
 +Kieran formed Auckland based alt-rock band Kasium in 2008, taking on lead vocals, guitar and songwriting and produced their 2009 EP, a music video and their 2011 debut album. Kasium got radio and TV exposure with singles from the album and they continue to play shows regularly.
 +Kierans solo career started with his self produced 2011 release 'In Search Of Reason'. These were songs that didn't fit for Kasium but kept coming back to haunt him. As a result the album is somewhat schizophrenic, dark, rich acoustic one minute, pounding rhythm's and fuzz laden guitar leads the next. It was received warmly by music critics:
 +"'Awake’ is bleak. Think Marilyn Manson’s ‘godeatgod’ from Holywood, thought I dare to say Kieran Cooper has a greater vocal range than the artist formally known as Brian Warner. The music is a dreary, wind-ravaged metropolitan landscape and the Kieran’s voice is the empty building on the desolate nameless street....What you just listened to was not a song; it was a piece of art and a triptych at that."
 +"There’s so much I want to say about ‘Over me’, but there are so few words that could do the track justice. It is a truly beautiful work, but not in any conventional sense. It’s dark and cynical... listen to the words, like really listen."
 +- Petros, www.muzic.net.nz (Aug 03, 2011)
 +After a year of playing live shows and writing new material, Kieran is now releasing a song each week from his second album 'Yes, No, Sincerely'. Leading up to the album, Kieran released a recording of a live acoustic set from his home studio titled 'Yes, No, Acoustic'. The tracks range from 'In Search Of Reason', 'Yes, No, Sincerely', one early Kasium song and one cover.
 +Kieran will be touring throughout New Zealand in support of the 'Yes, No, Sincerely' album throughout 2012.

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Alt-Folk Singer-Songwriter from Auckland, New Zealand From his soon to be released single and EP, expect rich vocal harmonies and guitar work reminiscent of Elliott Smith, Kristin Hersh and Iron & Wine