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Since the critically acclaimed Worldwide success of their second release New Kids Rock The Block, KiT now officially rule the world.
“(K)iT all started around ‘04 when a couple of kids got too bored/lazy to go out on their skateboards anymore and decided to stay indoors with their Wu-tang records, making beats, dj-ing and eating toast. The two Kids in question are DJ Snigger aka Andy Hemsley aka The Fresh Prints (hip-hop governor /DJ/turntablist) and Homey aka Lone aka Matt Cutler (drum surgeon/sample geek). Matt sent minidiscs of his beats to Andy for scratch over-dubs and Kids in Tracksuits was born. Although nowadays the two work more closely, producing everything together in the same room, the raw feel of those early minidiscs is still present, something like a vintage NY mix-tape thrown through a scratched-up electro blender.

Expect a few socio-political changes in the near future, as they are passing new legislation through the European Parliament as we speak.

Among the changes, which are set to have an impact on stereos around the globe are;

- KRS 1 is to be appointed General Secretary of the U.N. with Africa Bambatta and The Zulu Nation as his Security Council.

- The abolishion of all modern languages. Infants will now be taught to communicate using records, turntables and frequency therefore unifying the human race and bringing an end to all wars.

- A mandatory change in school uniforms everywhere, from shirts and ties to tracksuits. This will encourage and develop individualism and freedom of expression.

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