• Top 10 Albums of 2008

    10 Jan 2009, 20:24 by EnglishWhiteBoy

    10. Children of Bodom


    Children of Bodom's followup album to 2005's Are You Dead Yet took a more thrashier approach than previous releases from the band. Nevertheless the album still manages to pack together a decent bunch of songs from the group whilst still maintaining to show off their technical prowess. It fails to have the kick of previous albums and few songs here will become live staples but it's still worth a listen.

    Listen To: Blooddrunk; Tie My Rope; Banned from Heaven

    9. Slipknot

    All Hope Is Gone

    All Hope Is Gone is rumoured to be the last album from this Iowan nine piece and after listening to this album it looks like they won't be missed much from me anymore. Whilst the album has an absolute blinder in the form of lead single 'Psychosocial' and another decent followup single 'Dead Memories' the rest of the album just seems like a set of filler tracks. As much as I hate to compare the band with Corey Taylor's alter ego Stone Sour
  • Kid Rock - Rock N Roll Jesus

    26 Nov 2007, 21:09 by velocitywebdev

    Kid has a new album, and I've been listening for several days. It's kinda growing on me - and that's not a stab at the album. What I see is a diverse range of talent. Kid seems to have that talent, and is able to be diverse in his taste. With Rock N Roll Jesus, he truly mixes blues, rock, R&B, and rap to come up with something everyone can enjoy.

    Rock N Roll Jesus

    Rock N Roll Jesus - Title track, this song has a lot of great 70's style rock riffs with a little Wah-Wah thrown in for extra style. Great backing vocals, it just has a solid feel to it.

    Amen - This song starts out with a very simple acoustic riff with kid singing about the various problems in America - but living with a faith in all things good. This song actually reminds me of a little Bruce Springsteen or maybe Bob Seger.

    All Summer Long - This song takes it's lead from Warewolves in London - Warren Zevon - I would assume this is a homage to Warren. It's sped up a little, has a bit of country thrown in, and all in all is a cool little tune. …