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  • New album sucks. ):
  • think its cool he's gone down a different avenue, you can tell it's darker and more raw but maybe too raw? like it has to be listenable too, it feels a mix of genres too the album doesn't correlate really, some great tracks on this album though, really like handle with care.
  • when listening to this dude's new album, i get the feeling that he knows most everything about the cosmos
  • After avoiding listening to SB2H for almost two months now, should I just continue at this point?
  • Speedin' Bullet 2 Heaven>>>>>To Pimp a Butterfly
  • If he got rid of the unnecessarily long skits and cut it down to 10 songs or so it would be a decent album
  • His first 2 albums "Man on the Moon 1 and 2" were so good, but IDK anymore... Maybe he'll come back in full force with part 3...
  • V I agree a tad. I had enough patience to listen to the whole album though (but mind you, I was mostly listening to it with a grim expression). Most of the time I was like "wtf happened?", but I ain't gonna cut Kid Cudi out yet... I originally fell in love with his psychedelic style. I feel like he's doing more experimenting RN...
  • I'm on the 4th track of speedin bullet to heaven and I can't stand it anymore. My head hurts and when he's not boring me to death he's annoying the hell out of me. What makes a person think this is good stuff? I'm confused.
  • You still my big bro doe.
  • R.I.P.
  • Repping that 216, keep it real Cudder. Cleveland for life
  • Speedin' Bullet 2 Brain Damage
  • I thought people were exaggerating...they were not. Who allowed this to happen?
  • her vagina is moist and warm [3]
  • Disc 2 is amazing, it is shorter but better than disc 1.
  • Speedin' Bullet 2 Trash Bin [2] // After theneedledrop's review, literally what I did.
  • her vagina is moist and warm [2]
  • her vagina is moist and warm
  • new album is probably worst of all time
  • GREAT new album is !!!!
  • Speedin' Bullet 2 Trash Bin
  • Honestly by all the disappointment towards SB2H I expected nothing as pure garbage then I started to skim through it and have to say not a great one but also not a bad one. Maybe I'm just in the mood or what the hell. Definetly will grow with more spins
  • Obrigado Scott Mescudi.
  • Speeding Bullet is at least more listenable than Indicud. That shit took me months to listen through /once/, but I'm getting through this album in one sitting. But eh, I don't hate it, but I don't love it either.
  • new album is GREAT!!!!
  • some decent songs hidden in this confusing new release.
  • ok maybe i'm strange but i like SB2H
  • Apenas deixem o cara fazer o que ele quer, parem de tentar prende-lo em MOTM I e II só porque são os únicos projetos dele que vocês gostam.
  • wtf happened to this guy?
  • too much songs... less and better>more and wrong
  • There's really no reasonable defense for this album. In my opinion, it's actually bad enough to frame his other projects in poorer light. The quality of MOTM I & II is quickly becoming less representative of Cudi's sound as a whole. It's just too bad he's replacing it with junk like this. Is it a cry for help? Speeding Bullet is unlistenable.
  • I'd love to see the most deluded of Cudi fans dig this piece of advanced garbage. Seriously, this weeds out Lulu for the worst fucking album I've ever heard.
  • digging the new project so far. def on my albums to trip too.
  • I just hope he doesn't off himself because of how badly this album has been received
  • The new album is the shit. Just fucked. Cudi, where the fuck are you going?
  • Cudi, love you but not feeling the new album :(
  • Satellite Flight was bad, but there sounded like there was some effort it. This one doesn't even sound like Cudi gave a fuck.
  • Love the new album. He just doesn't give a shit and it's great.
  • It's awful. There's no question about it. I can't just shake how bad it is. I didn't like Satellite Flight but at least it had merit. This has none. Here's my review here:
  • @miyuukick The insistent reminders of the 'haters,' the wantingness to do away with them, and consistently blocking anyone who says anything negative to him on Twitter kinda proves that he cares way more than anyone else about our opinions.
  • Haha this is so unbearably shit, somebody needs to get this guy to rehab
  • Damn cud this some trash
  • Insides out
  • trash
  • He doesn't give a fu about ur opinion :D
  • Well.. There's like 5 good tracks. Some decent/okay ones. But some of them are just truly terrible. The way he plays the guitar sometimes just pains me as someone who took lessons in it. The mixing and random Beevis & Butthead-skits just throw me off a lot of the times. I hope Cudi's ok to be honest, a lot of the time it's just such a bizarre and depressing experience - and depressing music can be good, but.. It could've easily been so much better which really frustrates me.
  • I'm probably the only one who doesn't hate his new album.
  • o cudder, where art thou? I could get behind this rock-type stuff if it actually sounded good but it really doesn't


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