• Real 50,000th Track

    20 Jul 2008, 11:46 by jmverville

    The 50,000th Track is Branstock Donars Zorn. It was not planned to be that way but rather it was just what happened. I do not plan these things but I am just curious what they become -- it also reflects the general evolution of my listening habits.

    These last two weeks it has been a lot of black metal and I have really fallen in love with Drowning the Light. I've also been playing Aryanas more and more and more.

    There is a clear evolution in taste of music but at the same time it is not really a change but rather discovering the things that I like more and just investigating genres that I previously did not venture into. I guess it is not a lot of change of taste but rather discovering the depth of other genres.

    And right now in South Korea it is very rainy and humid. It is kind of nice and relaxing in a weird sense. The rain is decent.

    I watched the horror film The Strangers. It was OK.

    I met several 재미교포 (Korean-Americans) over the weekend, both on Friday and Saturday; they are all really great guys. …