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  • Avatar for mossuary
    Noise Kevin Shields owns, who's this degenerate with fag hair?? [2]
  • Avatar for CURED
  • Avatar for JulianPradelsky
    What a genius... Would kill to hear a solo album or more tunes from the "Lost in Translation" period.
  • Avatar for Bloody-Lunar
    Happy Birthday!!
  • Avatar for Shru
    Noise Kevin Shields owns, who's this degenerate with fag hair??
  • Avatar for Shemhamforashh
  • Avatar for thenearestdoor
    happy birthday!
  • Avatar for Durbikins
    This dude look like Panda Bear.
  • Avatar for NirvanAFI
    the man.
  • Avatar for iiayoub
  • Avatar for mskarah
    Dear Kevin, I note that your tour next year runs through Asia and down to Australia. Would you kindly stop by in Singapore and grace us with a show please? I have the venue prepared for you... PM me? xx
  • Avatar for Twilight_Maiar
    Bill Murray XD
  • Avatar for skywavves
    i love u
  • Avatar for sleeperiod
    i do i dooooo
  • Avatar for iamsooohip
    please be gone from this world, Kev. I don't need Loveless II.
  • Avatar for pvmnt
    This guy is pure genius.
  • Avatar for pwgleason
    My new article on Patti Smith, the power of connecting to a favorite artist, and the lessons that we can learn from art. Fans of Smith's biggest fans - R.E.M., U2, My Bloody Valentine, etc. - and her poetic influences - Allen Ginsberg, William Blake, and Arthur Rimbaud - might find this piece interesting.
  • Avatar for V1nic1u5
    thats so cool
  • Avatar for ustycream
    oh yeaah oh YEAAH I LOVE YOU
  • Avatar for ainfantek
    is he touring with Primal Scream now?
  • Avatar for bloofs
    please release more material
  • Avatar for qqqqu
    I like both Kevins.
  • Avatar for StarCoreA
    Kevin Shields (x2) noise-collaboration would be great.
  • Avatar for thenearestdoor
    i love you
  • Avatar for GosudO
    Release Loveless remaster please.
  • Avatar for MiloDC
    2 [2]
  • Avatar for juliayoung
    ♥ blimey...he's fab ♫♪
  • Avatar for leeisfreee
  • Avatar for EchotheSun
  • Avatar for ressentimento
  • Avatar for TehSublight
    Which one's burgundy?
  • Avatar for dearlytiffany
  • Avatar for GeoOlogist
    Eva Aguila [5]
  • Avatar for Clad51
    Are You Awake? ヅ
  • Avatar for TREMOLO69
    yep, he's the best... two of my favourite posessions are originals of "tremolo" and "you made me realise" 12-inch lp eps. they don't collect dust ;)
  • Avatar for creativemf
    More on that mysterious comment I made: > (see it _ do it _ iive it)
  • Avatar for creativemf
    where the fuck is Kevin Shields?
  • Avatar for thuzica
  • Avatar for Andrianto_05
    my hero!
  • Avatar for venenumest
    not really.
  • Avatar for thenearestdoor
    The best guitarist alive. [2]
  • Avatar for mjac
    the own
  • Avatar for JJDinomite
    The best guitarist alive.
  • Avatar for plastic__sun
    amo la música de kevin shields, es perfecta
  • Avatar for thenearestdoor
  • Avatar for irishHenshin
    Bah....who changed the picture? Dislike current, want picture that's been used for a looooong time.
  • Avatar for tenasrock
    we needda change the pic
  • Avatar for tenasrock
    im serious 'Kevin Shields - The Death of Patience (2007)'
  • Avatar for kero_copy
    Eva Aguila [3]
  • Avatar for progtrance7
    He's cool because he's Irish and not a cunt like Bono [3]


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