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Kevin Micheal Kappler (Born August 23rd, 1974) is an American Composer, Actor, and Vocalist. He is known for his "free-Style" "Alternative Country" Style Music (such as, "Altered Sensorium(The Feeling Winds") and as a Sound-Loop/Electronic Music Dance Artist (as best demonstrated in his "Techno Blunders/Movie Soundtracks/" "Biotechinae" Compositions Albums").

Kevin Has Published four albums; "Altered Sensorium(The Feeling Winds"),Biotechinae, Vocal Champs Demo Wonders, and "Techno Blunders - Movie Soundtracks.."

An independent Composer, Promoter, and Vocalist, Kevin still Lives in Glendale Heights, Illinois still developing his vocal powers in the industry of music.

Now Working On a Poetic Novel and Illustration Photo Book, Kevin still shines as both a creative heart and an inspiration to other artists, as well.

See his Facebook Art Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kevin-Micheal-Kappler/375535255875583#
See Kevin Micheal Kappler's Poetic Marvels on Tumblr: http://wcrsvisions.tumblr.com


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