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Kevin Kiner is a composer of music for film and television best known for his rousing orchestral scores to Wing Commander, Stargate SG-1 (both with themes written by David Arnold), Madison (themes written by Christopher Young) and most recently Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

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  • Avatar for darthpaula
    please please please give us the music from the TV show
  • Avatar for darthpaula
    I don't think we're getting the soundtracks from the series any time soon. it doesn't seem like the creators of TCW are going to release the music, at least for the time being. pity indeed, there are some nice electronic and orchestral pieces I'd love to listen to on a CD.
  • Avatar for FauveTerror
    Does anyone know how to get score from Clone Wars Season 3? the score kixx
  • Avatar for darthpaula
    The movie wasn't bad at all + the music is impressive. Most impressive.
  • Avatar for Thimburd
    Check new [group]Star Wars Music[/group] group!
  • Avatar for Darth_Jihad
    Ok, so I last posted a shout back in August 2009, it is going to be December the day after this post, and through months of searching I have still yet to find any mentioning of the distribution of the Clone Wars Television soundtrack. In these past few months I have been trying to add new music to my Star Wars collection and it has risen to a new record time of 18 hours and 52 minutes. I'm still lacking the Ewok scores, which are just as impossible to find as the Ultimate Editions of Episodes 2 and 3 but I'm much more interested in the release of your music. I know there's not a lot you can do about it, since licensing comes straight from Lucasfilm, but if/when you ever find out about the release of the TV Soundtracks, please don't keep it a secret. Still eagerly awaiting...
  • Avatar for Darth_Jihad
    Seriously! I am a huge Soundtrack Fan, and I've been looking for any mentioning of the release of the Television Soundtrack. Needless to say my efforts have proven futile since all that has been released is the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Please release the extra 400 minutes for the Television Series. It's really good and would fit well into anyone's musical collection. I would try to put it somewhere between the Original Soundtrack for Clone Wars, and the Soundtrack to Revenge of the Sith. Just to keep with continuity. Plus it's great background music if you like to read Star Wars Comics and Novels. Also I would love to add an extra 400 minutes to my already impressive 16 hours and 32 minutes of individual, and unrepeated, Star Wars soundtracks. I live for music... Gimme? Give to the Fans...
  • Avatar for Darth_Jihad
    I like it. I have been a fan of Star Wars music since I was a little kid, and have been collecting every soundtrack that has ever crossed my path. Currently the only music I'm missing now is the Extra 400 minutes of music from the Clone Wars TV Show, the Music from the Ewok movies and the music that has yet to be recorded from the untitled Live-Action Star Wars T.V. Show. Kevin, when will we be seeing the release of that extra 400 minutes?
  • Avatar for Kasamui
    It's good. I like the tune that is played when Anakin jumps onto the walker at the beginning, and is repeated few more times in the movie. "General Loathsom - Ashoka" starts with it. Oriental music in Jabba's Palace and on Tatooine is nice, it adds a new flavor to these places. And lastly, Anakin vs Dooku. Oh, yeah, the electric guitars. Cool, in my opinion. The movie, of course, sucks some serious dick in many moments, but hey, we've got the music.
  • Avatar for uncle_aubrey
    I like some of the music in this show myself, but overall it's way too "hip." Star Wars equals Wagnerian operatic music, not hip grooves and beats. Too bad, so sad.

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