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Also known as Know Peace, KP :) Knowledge is Power and Kev the Poet…

An initiated Bard of a Druid Order, dub poet and conscious Hip-Hop MC who grew up in London and moved to Bristol. A multi-media writer and performer - primarily writing philosophical essays and performing Hip-Hop and poetry, also a member of the Synchromystickz,
a group of diverse poets which formed in Bristol rapping primarily over Dubstep. The Synchromystickz are part of a community of artists produced by J Rokka from Glastonbury called Divine Collective.

Purchase music directly from the artist at http://www.kpkevthepoet.bandcamp.com

As an initiated Bard of a Druid Order, working with the Druids to organise performance spaces in Stonehenge KP has performed in venues as diverse as St James' Church (where William Blake was baptised) to the SE1 Club for The Synergy Project. In 2007 he travelled to Tasmania to live with eco-activists at a logging blockade and spent 3 months in the Upper Florentine rainforest where some of the oldest hardwood trees on the planet were being logged to make chip-board and paper. He made a portion of his album, 'OMI - Open Minded Intuitive', in Tasmania with local producers.

Dubstep poetry and UK Hip-Hop, all honest and emotional outbursts from the Hip-Hop Bard of a real life Stonehenge attending Druid Order with assistance from the Synchromystickz, and production from the likes of Appleblim (Applepips and Skull Disco), Defazed (1 Man Army) and J Rokka (of the Jesse Love Band and Divine Collective. )

In his own words… "Key turning points were reading the Tao Teh Ching when I was about 12, reading the Book of Revelations in full when I was 14, reading the Tibeten Book of Living and Dying when I was about 18. I dunno, I was a normal naughty teenager but I was always into reading different things. I was the geek who was accepted by the Hip-Hopping rudeboys (due to mainly my sense of humour and what was then an encyclopaedic knowledge of Hip-Hop) but I hung out with the goths, and junglists and whoever was interesting and friendly really. I suppose learning to pick mushrooms at uni while at the same time studying the Romantic Poets such as Coleridge and William Blake (Blake and Wordsworth were two of my biggest inspirations) also had a vast influence on the way I view the world. I guess my biggest influences are the Tao Teh Ching, William Blake and the Wu-Tang Clan! I guess that's what makes me stand out a little, I have diverse influences and I'm not in the least bit afraid to be different. I revel in it. Also used to I over-analyse everything. Everything. So I know the way my mind works because I analyse my thought processes, I watch it, I listen to my ego arguing with my higher-self and laugh at my foibles. I watch the way trends come and go, I watch the way people interact in a pub or a bar. It's a learning process, I used to get attached to my judgments but now I've over-analysed judgment and I realise that judgment, just like everything else, is merely a matter of opinion. I still consider myself quite a moral character with a strong sense of right and wrong but my most recent influences - Alan Watts, Robert Anton Wilson, the poets Ryokan, Hafiz and Rumi - have all made me realise that even morals are subjective. Bottom line though, regardless of whether morals are subjective, or judgment is a matter of opinion every individual incarnation of divinity (that means you and me) has got to make decisions. Do what thou wilt, but if you are true to your higher-self what would you will? When you walk your own path you step into God's slipstream. The trick is to stay there…"

ॐ ༀ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ༀ ॐ

KP Kev the Poet aka Know Peace

Kev the Poet aka KP the Hip-Hop Bard

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