• Kent - The 20 greatest songs

    19 Mar 2012, 17:52 by borntohang

    Kent. A group of professional tweeters in their early 40's, hailing from Eskilstuna, Sweden. When they're not busy tweeting about champagne, strawberries, spa treatments and life's other joys they write and perform moody and melodic pop music. Here are some of their better songs (some of them even from before their Twitter-days!).

    1. Utan dina andetag
    - One of those songs that never ever will lose it's power or importance or relevance.

    2. Glider
    - Desolate, romantic, haunting, beautiful... It's been ten years since I first heard it and I have never stopped loving it.

    3. Ansgar & Evelyne
    - I have no words for this one. Why it isn't at the no. 1 spot, I can not say...

    4. Innan allting tar slut
    - My very first favourite Kent-song. Still relevant. Now what does that say?

    5. Din skugga
    - Their 1997 is almost too good to believe.. Mine was pretty much ok, no more, but probably less.

    6. Mannen i den vita hatten (16 år senare)