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  1. psychedelic bloodbaths from western massachusetts.


  2. music-garbage
    Kent, OH

    loads of FREE downloads here

    free... like garbage

  3. NOISE & POP.

    more at: http://ghostanimal.tumblr.com

    As of July 2012 Ghost Animal is on indefinite hiatus.

  4. SWTHRT is a duo from Southport, NC composed of multi-instrumentalists Karl Kuehn and Becca High. Their sound is heavily influenced by 80's pop…

  5. Orange County, California, United States (2007-2012)


  6. Woven Bones is a band from Austin, Texas USA. They somehow manage to blend garage rock, shoegaze, psychobilly, and noise rock to create a…

  7. First 7" coming out on HoZac Records

    If you dig the spacey, droning haze of NYC’s seminal Velvet Underground, Tx.’s primordial psych-pioneers the…

  8. The Answer Page is a solo project by Houston, TX area DIY shoegaze musician, Nate McKee. In addition to Last.fm, Orca can be streamed and…

  9. Baromet lives in a cave with other cave dwelling creatures.
    His music is heavily influenced by old prog rock and obscure video game soundtracks.…

  10. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  11. Alligator Indian is a post-pop duo from Asheville, North Carolina comprised of Christian Church & Spooky Bubble. Their latest EP, More Songs About…

  12. Meth Teeth reside in Portland, Oregon, United States and in some ways embody the rainy day big country vibe of the city with its youth culture…

  13. current lineup: edward madill: guitar/vox; matthew kotarba: drumset; jordan adams: bass; ryan slagle: 2nd guitar; anna babcock: backing vocals

  14. Campfires is from Michigan and is based in Portland.

    For more tunes, check out http://campfires.bandcamp.com. New full length coming out 02/2013

  15. heavy cheap lo-fi music from Hungary.

    J.C. Satán / Piresian Beach split 7" OUT NOW on RNR666 Records!

    'from zero to eternity' name your price…

  16. Banned from USA

  17. Noisy lo-fi punk rock'n'roll

  18. http://www.sunshowerorphans.bandcamp.com


  19. Dead Luke is from Madison, Wisconsin.
    Songs range from dark and haunting to surprisingly poppy and upbeat. All home recorded with a perfect…


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