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  • exprof

    July 2014
  • handsofprose

    I've not walked the streets of Detroit, but packed into this piece is nuance of flavour imagery colour light and emotion. Wonderful for my ears after a very long day...

    October 2013
  • Assedor

    Jazz listener will find in this music response to its own emotions and experiences. It is impossible not to recognize that this listener is unlikely to present the best choice

    June 2013
  • drdousa

    I heared Kenny Garrett a few weeks ago live at the BIMhuis, Amsterdam in a truly legendary concert. Round about the same time I got hooked on his newest album "Seeds from the Underground" (from where else?), which is just brilliant.

    May 2012
  • Mokami

    My god! Beyond the walls is a genius record. I never felt that much emotion on a record.

    May 2012
  • Sid993ua

    Good !

    July 2010

    just caught him here in lawrence, ks and his show was really good! he drew it out about 30-40 minutes too long, but it was really cool nonetheless

    March 2010
  • yaoknerd

    rip kenny g 2.0

    September 2009
  • marykillaseldon

    Amazing man! This is the only "Kenny G" who's worthy... ^^

    September 2009
  • sax4rever

    Judging by its latest album Sketches of MD he should receive consultation at the psychiatrist

    August 2009
  • BenPowling

    yeah Sketches of MD is immense.

    December 2008
  • MirkoFait

    I listened him at BlueNote Milano... great!!! ;)

    December 2008
  • hazymat

    @ncvigo: I am tempted to agree with Zackgress, and I'm further tempted to say you listen to Coldplay and *cough* Death Cab for Cutie, and presumably your standing as an artist in the global jazz scene also helps you know how to 'get so far in jazz'. *cough*

    August 2008
  • legend212121

    Welcome to Taiwan! Kenny!

    August 2008

    Man, I got triology, but something went wrong with the tracks and random chunks of tracks ended up in other tracks and it was just a mess.

    August 2008
  • zackgress

    uhhh? I've met him in person and he wasn't a prick. Very nice. Trying to sound cool without emotion? I would recommend watching ( ) this concert, maybe Wayne's Thang or 1 Down or Two across- then promptly shutting the fuck up. Thanks

    January 2008
  • ncvigo

    positive energy? this guy is a prick, not only in real life, but you can tell from the solos he plays. a complete egotistical player; all of his solos try to sound cool without expression any kind of emotion. runs and arpeggios can only get you so far in jazz

    January 2008
  • divisionbell7

    Great saxophonist, his music is full of positive energy, I really like that.

    August 2007
  • zackgress

    Songbook is one of my favorites. Every song is so well written and all of both Kennny's (the late Kenny Kirkland on piano) solos are perfect. See: Ms. Baja, November 15, and the funky Brother Hubbard.

    April 2007
  • gautam3

    Newest album is great...

    April 2007
  • Prederick

    I'm personally a fan of Kiss to the Skies but it's a great whole album.

    January 2007
  • jazzandco

    Check out tsunami song, beyond the wall and gwoka!! Cheers!! jazzandco

    January 2007
  • Terrier13

    and the song Happy People

    December 2006
  • All_in

    that's right, hommie

    November 2006
  • barna

    Hey, Boyz&Girlz! Check out Kenny Garrett live, he and his band are really awesome!

    November 2006