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  • poor lyrics but the production and flow are nice.[3]
  • poor lyrics but the production and flow are nice.[2]
  • POETIC JUSTICE UNDERGROUND MIX https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eA-qFKyQqpI
  • yes, poor lyrics but the production and flow are nice.
  • I don't really like his lyrics, but I think he's a good rapper, and the beat/rhythm is good.
  • low point lyrically but yet one of the catchiest/ones i find myself returning to...
  • don't judge me
  • A+
  • i like beat
  • Meh.
  • idk why I like this so much
  • don't judge me...
  • @stun - nigga please
  • @stun most people dont give a fuck if a white person says "nigga" the ones who do are just ignorant. Now if one says "nigger" it offends because the way they say it, you might get your ass beat depending on how its said
  • lol stupid nigga why do they call each other that but when a white guy calls a black guy a nigga its a hate crime fuck all you niggas ha ha u can hate me all you want to but its the truth.
  • lovin this...
  • HiiiPoWer
  • don't judge me
  • I Love this
  • LOVE this song!
  • Luv
  • when he pled the 5th man it was on
  • Lost.
  • On repeat
  • flows so dope
  • "These vulnerable girls..."
  • I'm a huge K.Dot better know as Kendrick Lamar supporter/fan.
  • All this song needed was a shout-out to C-Murder.
  • something about this song that makes me wanna keep it on repeat.
  • i like..

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