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There are (5) bands with the name (ken)

(1) KEN is the solo-project from former Blackmail singer Aydo Abay of Koblenz in Germany. The first Album "Have a Nice Day" was released in 2002, the second album "Stop! Look! Sing Songs of Revolutions!" and the cover album "I Am Thief" were both released in May 2005 in Germany (US release: Feb 2006).

(2) ken (Ken) is also the guitarist of L'Arc~en~Ciel and SONS OF ALL PUSSYS, who recently started his solo project and has released two singles "Speed" in 2006 and "Deeper" in 2009. His first album "In Physical" will be out in April of 2009.

(3) Ken is the name of the swedish hiphop artist Ken Ring. During the late nineties he emerged as one of the first rappers in the second swedish hip-hop wave. It was during this time that artists such as Blues, Petter and Thomas Rusiak. He released his debut album, one of the first hip hop albums to be released in swedish, during the spring of 1998. To this date he has released 8 albums, including one that was made in collaboration with norwegian producer/legend Tommy Tee.

Unlike most other Swedish rappers Ken attracted alot of controversy, because of his tendency to bring out social issues such as crime, jail, drugs and ethnic integration in his songs. Especially controvercial was his song "Stockholms blodbad" (translated "the Stockholm Blood-bath"). In this song he is perceived as promoting the murder of the royal family as well as the rape of the princesse. Although he himself claims the statements of the song to be of a strictly rhetorical type, Swedish media and opinion were unforgiving. Ken was shunned from social events and popular media for a long time. Most of his supporters cite this as evidence of the cowardly way in which Swedish media never misses a chance to scrutinize uncomfortable outsiders.

(4) KEN (solo) Ex guitarist of the Japanese Rock band ZI:KILL.

(5) Ken also known as Ken Snyder, released a limited-run Christian/gospel album in 1976.

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