• Lucky 13 to be continued

    15 Jan 2010, 12:36 by GraceTemptation

    "Lucky 13"
    albums released in 2009
    that imho ROCKED whole the year!

    5 facts about these 13 albums:
    They are all full-lenght albums released from January to December (as said in the title).They aren't sorted from the worst to best or something like that. I tried to sort them but - I wasn't really able to say which should be the 1st or 13th so I ended up sorting them alphabetically.I realized that I picked about 50% of the albums I listened to more than twice. I'm sure the others I "have" are also good (and I'll probably realise that later). Those are the 2009s that rocked 2009! :PThey are kinda "multicultural" as you can see. It's not like I put all those together and compare different genres (maybe that's why I had the sorting problems...) I just chose all my favs since I love all those genres more or less equally.Imo, this year was really RICH speaking about good albums and albums in general. It might be that the more bands you consider your "fav"…