• Try Again

    13 Aug 2007, 14:54 by bazaglia

    I fell asleep on a late night train
    I missed my stop and I went round again
    Why would I wanna see you now?
    To fix it up, make it up somehow

    Baby I'll try again, try again
    Baby I die every night, every time

    What I was isn't what I am
    I'd change back but I don't know if I can

    Still I'll try, try again, try again
    Baby I die every night, every time

    But I was made the way I am
    I'm not a stone; I'm just a man
    Lay down your arms and I will lay down mine
    Reap back the time that we've been wasting

    God I wish you could see me now
    You'd pick me up and you'd sort me out

    Baby I'll try again, try again
    Baby I die every night, every time.

    Try Again
  • Concert Review: Keane (2007-07-06 - Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam)

    8 Jul 2007, 15:45 by ringlunatic

    Fri 6 Jul – Keane, Athlete

    Who: Keane
    Support act(s): Athlete
    When: 2007-07-06
    Where: Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    I saw Keane last year for the first time. Beforehand I wasn’t overly looking forward to it, and during it I was COMPLETELY blown away (review here). I think a lot of people, like me at first, seriously underestimate the live-act that is Keane. And they seem to just get better. Fine wine, huh?

    I wanted to get up front, cause I was ridiculously excited of seeing them live again. Luckily my friend who came with me, got a bit infected by my enthusiasm so he want along with the big plan. The waiting wasn’t as long, and cold as feared, although it was a lot wetter! But we were rewarded!

    They put black screens in front of the entrance, but we were standing in such a way that we could still easily see the stage. So we actually saw two more Keane songs, considering they were doing a sound check, while we were waiting (but their goes our theory that they…
  • KEANE - Under The Iron Sea

    25 Nov 2006, 22:50 by maya_ness

    The entire album - Under The Iron Sea - is amazing. They´ve definitely got it!!

    Stand out songs for me are: the beautiful sorrowful "Try Again", the hopeful and mellow ballad "Atlantic". But again, I truly enjoy the entire album.
    I would highly recommend Under The Iron Sea to anyone, it transverses genre and it´s year of release.

    Under the Iron SeaTry Again
  • Concert Review: Keane (2006-11-07 - Ahoy, Rotterdam)

    8 Nov 2006, 16:40 by ringlunatic

    07 Nov – Keane

    Act: Keane
    Support act(s): The Long Winters
    When: 2006-11-07
    Where: Ahoy, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

    Before this concert I had a bit of a weird relationship with Keane. I could listen to Hopes and Fears non-stop for days and then I would just forget about them for months, before starting listening to them again. Then Is It Any Wonder? came, I bought Under the Iron Sea, tour was released and I bought myself a ticket… to forget all about them for months again.

    And yesterday the concert was. I arrived at 7pm and got myself a very good position, rather in front slightly toward the left side of the stage. At 8 it went dark and the support act started. This clearly is the year for me of good support acts, cause of all I’ve seen this year (7 I think) only 1 was annoying, and that was definitely not today. I really thought The Long Winters were rather charming and I REALLY liked the last song they played. Plus, I always appreciate a band who just has some fun on stage. So, GO THEM!
  • Keane - Under The Iron Sea Review

    22 Oct 2006, 15:15 by Najmi

    Keane’s 2004 release, Hopes and Fears, was an album that immediately sounded familiar, yet at the same time, very different from other bands on the radio. The familiarity was rooted in the band’s piano driven musical style, which, fairly or not, drew comparison to Coldplay. Their lyrics, searching, reflective, and a little abstract, only compounded the comparison. The difference came from the unique sound of the band: Keane lacks a guitarist, which forced the piano into a more prominent role than in other contemporary bands. Keane’s unique combination of musical style and lyrics created one of 2004’s most refreshing albums. For the their sophomore effort, Keane had taken a different route. Under the Iron Sea still features all the aspects of Keane that originally made them appealing but it add a much heavier darker sound. More brooding lyrics to create a less assessable album. Keane’s choices in musical direction makes Under The Iron Sea an album that not all Keane fans will like…
  • Keane - Under the Iron Sea

    30 Jun 2006, 03:51 by inmym2z

    Under the Iron Sea

    Wow, what an amazing record. I've never been much of a Keane fan, but I guess I never really gave them a chance. This new stuff is really, really good.

    Check out:
    Is It Any Wonder?
    Try Again
    The Frog Prince
  • Keane - Under the Iron Sea

    26 Jun 2006, 08:19 by PRnell

    I figured I'd put down my thoughts on Keane's new album Under the Iron Sea - like so many others have.

    But I would also like to comment on the artwork. I adore it - I think it's beautiful and fitting. :)

    I'll do this in no order in particular, since I always listen to albums on shuffle I never know which one is first. hehe.

    Put It Behind You
    I think this is very Keane-ish, and similar to a lot of stuff on the first album. I like it, though, and I really like the lyrics. Really good, but not that impressive.

    The Frog Prince
    Dreamy, and just like most tracks on this album - very sing-a-longy. If that's a word, and if it isn't I'm sure you know what I mean anyway.

    The Iron Sea
    I don't get this track at all. I don't think it's particularily interesting or dramatic. It could have done as a last track, I suppose - but now it's in the middle of the album and it doesn't sit well with me, is all.

    Try Again
    This, again, reminds me of the old album. …
  • Album Review: Keane - Under The Iron Sea

    23 Jun 2006, 13:13 by ringlunatic

    I was really excited for this new album Under the Iron Sean. I had heard some of it’s new songs already through bootlegs, but studio versions are always different. I must admit that their first album took a while to grow on me. At first I only liked Somewhere Only We Know and that was it. Only recently I started listening and liking the rest of the album too.

    Before I start with the songs I really need to mention the artwork of the album. I think it’s absolutely gorgeous and very fitting with the sound and imagine of the band. Well done, boys!

    I think the start of this song is really beautiful. Very atmospheric and knowing the videoclip that they made to go along with it, it just fits with it all. When I listen to it I also get this whole almost Anton Corbijn-esque black and white imagine just like the video.

    Is It Any Wonder?
    Great first single, I bet it scared some of the old fans ;) The ‘guitar’ reminds me a bit of The Edge from U2, during the Achtung Baby!/Zooropa Era. Very, very nice.