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  • Avatar for chivymonrroy
    the intro was enough for me to love it [3]
  • Avatar for xxheartstation
  • Avatar for bianca_lg_xx
    oooh my new favourite keane song <3
  • Avatar for roymayo
    2:23 is awesome, nice song ideed!!
  • Avatar for UnfrozenPoles
    We are not the flowers, we're the strangling weeds in the meadow
  • Avatar for ivan4z
    Sounds like they incorporate some Tim Booth influences in this song. Voice sounds very alike and lyrical themes about monkeys too.
  • Avatar for Amaru_Cheetox
    Love this track, great layering and harmonies.
  • Avatar for kbomb001
    the intro was enough for me to love it [2]
  • Avatar for Oriol1992
    not perfect, but intro was enough for me to love it :)
  • Avatar for JoelTheCat
    I love you too, happy Keane!!
  • Avatar for mani5984
    old keane is way better, ok though
  • Avatar for zedshtein
    I don't like the words....and these stupid pipes in the chorus.... but anyway song is quite good....good for this album....
  • Avatar for nothijngrad
    What are those stupid noises at the end?
  • Avatar for impressme47
    ....can't figure out what I like about it but i like it a lot!
  • Avatar for immortal_spycat
    wow, 10 seconds of this song were enough for me to realize I love it
  • Avatar for Cheriemusic
    amooooooa keane son lo mejos de lo mejor ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
  • Avatar for iamthegualrus
    <3 Keane
  • Avatar for smoody114
  • Avatar for alelevy
    You guys kill the song, change your label or your lame ass manager!!
  • Avatar for hunybunyHorst
    why are they talking ._.
  • Avatar for cloudgarden
    listening in study
  • Avatar for xplodRegenerate
    Yeah, the first line turned me off to this song at first. Otherwise, I love it.
  • Avatar for Sarabande23
    i just had an idea. perhaps the commentary is there to fill the prodigious gap that constitutes their new album?
  • Avatar for LiLStephy
    Why is there a commentary on all the songs from this album? I don't want to listen to them harp on about it! [2]
  • Avatar for ChannelDelibird
    Why is there a commentary on all the songs from this album? I don't want to listen to them harp on about it!
  • Avatar for sticherling
    super song!
  • Avatar for glendamargarita
    es una de mis bandas favoritas
  • Avatar for x_Leticia_x
    Pues en esta canción me recuerdan a Simply Red XD El disco en general me gusta, pero esta canción en concreto, no demasiado
  • Avatar for ServalCat
    Hold on I just listened to this again. This song is great. I still don't like the opening line though...
  • Avatar for ServalCat
    I personally think that this is a dissapointing let down on such a brilliant down. It sounds so generic and the lyrics kinda suck.
  • Avatar for samcorco
    Puedo entender que es una cagadita palotera con final aireado...
  • Avatar for voodue
    This is REAL poppy. I kinda can't wait till it's over.
  • Avatar for indierocklaadee
    Umm...they have already covered queen - check out 'under pressure' and 'another one bites the dust'.
  • Avatar for Range341
    The sax is just so glorious, and with all these pointers towards Freddy, I agree completely, they should cover a Queen song in the future.
  • Avatar for wideyerob
    i can see Paul Mcartney singing this one.....I love the diversity of this album, its much better than UTIS.
  • Avatar for JMHulme
    ¡Ésta debería haber sido el single y no "Spiralling" !
  • Avatar for laurentis
    best song of the album!
  • Avatar for ksyun
    I never could imagine that I'll want to dance so much listening to Keane's song! But I do... :D :D :D
  • Avatar for Danichony
    Love this song so much... even though i miss the Hopes and Fears stuff so much i rather enjoy this stuff...
  • Avatar for opapaulo
    That sax is amazing. Catchy tune!! It's hard to pick a favorite, but this one is probably in my top 5!
  • Avatar for rkat
    This is another pearl in quite a disappointing album. It's one of the catchiest songs they've ever made.
  • Avatar for Tatschu
  • Avatar for myinak
    hard to forget song...this song is just sooooo good and catchy!
  • Avatar for oscillate253
    Infectious fun ! fR
  • Avatar for diegocrusius
    I know people like it, but its way too far from keane, wich makes me sad. Almost like it, but I'm skipping that one.
  • Avatar for Dr_Anthony
    First I thought: WTF,is this Keane?But now PTYA is freaking good song with a new style of funky
  • Avatar for Mman741
    W00T I'm a monkey =D Great song, Keane
  • Avatar for Keaneangel
    Hello UK! Hello China! Hello Brazil! Hello USA!!! this is so awesome, listening to Perfect Symmetry with all of you!<3<3<3! XD
  • Avatar for janni86
    jazzy sound in this one....
  • Avatar for janni86
    we're just monkeys!!! hahahah :D


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