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Kaz James is a new-wave enfant terrible; a dancefloor rebel who helped define a generation with the certified international anthem I Like The Way You Move. As one half of the Bodyrockers duo, Kaz James released a record designed for the sneering and stylish youth of today, with an addictive slice of dance/rock fusion that continues, nearly three years later, to be recognized as a guaranteed floor-filler and soundtrack for modern-day youth culture. It would've therefore been easy for Part 2 of the Bodyrockers story to automatically continue with a follow up record brimming with identikit-hits and commercial projections that would easily follow the lead of the previous success… but for 25-year old Australian musician Kaz James, the easy way isn't the best way forward.

We actually did put together a second album as Bodyrockers, but we just didn't get around to releasing it. I think, as a duo, we had our time together, but then it was time to move on. To be honest, with that record we were just making music that I thought I could play in clubs when I was DJing I never imagined it going on to have the success we had with it. Once I tasted that success, I knew I had to dig even deeper and come up with music that blurred the lines even further between genres.

Im really into doing music that no one else is doing Im not like one of those producers or writers who want to follow in the footsteps of whets hot right now, I want to go ahead and mess around with genres. I want my music to stand-out from whatever else is around, and challenge people as listeners. I don't try to make dance music as such, but I do make music that people can dance to there's a definite difference.
That difference comes alive on Kaz James debut solo album which is a diverse collection of songs that explore dance, soul, pop, electronica and hip hop, and find a common meeting ground for those genres to exist alongside each other. These aren't just club tracks, these are songs that show depth and musicality, and most importantly, originality. A year in the making, across three continents - the UK, the US and Australia Kaz James has proved with his new album that he is an exceptional talent with an ear for cutting-edge musical creativity.

The first single from the album is the irrepressible and uncontainable club hit Breathe featuring the vocals of LA rapper/actor Stu Stone, who Kaz met whilst in the States working on the new album. The single - already a #1 ARIA Club track, and featuring a video by international film director Fred Schepisi sets up the album with a sexy and defiant edge that challenges listeners and dancefloor freaks to an infectious assault on their senses. As Kaz says, It's electro, it's hip hop, it's rock it's everything all thrown in together, and by the time you work out what's going on, you've been KOd, with a delirious sense of adrenalin pounding through your veins.

The rest of album is equally viciously-desirable, made all the more intoxicating by the diversity of the songs on offer. Songs like Still Thinking are funky Daft-Punk-styled, thick-set grooves with melodic structure and vocals from Kaz himself, whilst Cant Hold Back reinforces the international design and appeal of this new collection of music from Kaz, assisted by the instantly recognisable vocals from the freaky stylings of super-soul singer Macy Gray.

I've always liked her stuff, says Kaz of singer Macy Gray. I just thought shed sound wicked on an electro song like the one I put together. I just think she's completely amazing; her voice is just so unique and working with her on this track was a fantastic experience. She totally got the song, and she was really up for doing something new like this. I flew her over to London and we recorded the track together and we got on really well. We had a ball, and in fact she asked me to contribute some songs to her next album, and so we've been flying backwards and forwards collaborating together on a number of different songs.
Kaz James is a charismatic and edgy talent; a performer, producer, songwriter and DJ whose charm, good looks and infectious personality have earned him international fans, and a reputation as one of the hottest new talents to emerge in recent years. In the process he's also earned the kind of British tabloid press attention that's set aside for hot young trend-making international celebrities, of which he modestly plays down and does his best to avoid wherever possible. The idea of being a pin-up isn't what drives Kaz James, instead his desire to be a creative musical force is his only focus of attention. When that kind of thing first started I really didn't know what the hell was going on! It was quite frightening at the start, and I had to learn how to deal with it quite quickly. After a while I just stopped going out because I didn't like the attention I was getting. I didn't want people to start looking at me or my music differently because of the tabloid attention. Its not about the sales, the parties, or the celebrities for me the ultimate high for me is making music that helps to enhance an audiences state of mind.
I just want to make good, strong, cutting-edge music that stops people in their tracks and makes them think, what the f*ck is this I love it! I want people to just like the songs for what they are, and not for whatever genre people think it may or may not fit into. I love the kind of audience who are into all sorts of music and can accept and enjoy it for the
pure strength of quality and attitude. Unique, upfront, popular music - that's what I see this album being all about.


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