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  • i enjoy Voyageur, although I haven't much frame of reference but if its any consolation that record makes me want to hear her older stuff.
  • how is the new album?
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  • Wow, loved her the first time I heard her. Best gwoman, feme fatale for "shady" characters with a bad conciousness. I think she works hard and loves hard. If ahe wants to make the real money she get some jizzed on pictures like Ke£ha, just kidding. She's rare, she's famous and I'd bets he's not a narcissist (popular finger point.....),. I'm drunk, and listening to music, gefore I listened to her, I listened to Bone Machine, Exile on Main Street, and Avalanches,
  • I can't get over how much I love this woman. Each of her albums are fantastic the whole way through.
  • sweet voice!
  • Instant love for her, listening to Voyageur for the first time.
  • beautiful voice!
  • Shalalalalala.
  • She is really cool and thought she was really awesome live, I would love to see her again!
  • Just got tickets for her upcoming show in Hfx - finally getting to see her live.
  • she's pretty fucking awesome
  • Voyageur has one of the coolest album covers I've seen in a good long while. It's really the only reason why I originally listened to the album, and I'm glad I did.
  • Voyageur is her best work to date, it's so gorgeous. My early favourite of 2012.
  • Tks One Tree Hill. :)
  • Kath's music is very refresh!
  • Magic Kiss from #Hamburg. Thanks for the Beautiful Music and Time. #Prinzenbar
  • Got tickets to see her later this month, the latest album is fantastic!
  • meu amorzinho!
  • She's a wonderful artist and I deeply recommend her newest record.
  • Our review about the new album: http://www.campusonline.hu/kultura/egy-helyben-vilagom-korul (in Hungarian)
  • Tribute to Megaupload R.I.P: http://www.lastfm.es/group/We'll+miss+you%2C+Megaupload
  • Great artist. Excited to see performing her live on march, 1st in Brussels.
  • I assume you have actually listened to more than just the FOUR songs that you have scrobbled FadingMind? If not then you probably don't have grounds to judge. Although it is just your opinion. Asking For Flowers is one of the most remarkable albums I've heard in recent years. There is a lot of 'boring' music about at the moment, Kathleen Edwards is not one of those artists.
  • This woman is the musical equivalent of a white noise machine and a handful of sedatives. So mind-numbingly boring, it could only really be played over the speakers at Starbucks.
  • JDJ
    I'm enjoying the new record, but it is too over-produced. I could do without the Sheryl Crow like tracks, too. Just seems to be they are trying to tame the pure awesome rawness of her vocals, too. I get where they are trying to go on this disc, and I appreciate Kat's effort to expand her musical world. Like I said, some good tracks, some.. not so much. Maybe I expected too much.
  • she's amazing
  • I'm impressed that Manitoulin Island was included on the cover for Voyageur. great performance on Letterman, too.
  • Her new album is great. She is incapable of making bad records.
  • Listen to Kathleen Edwards new album,just heard it today and think it is awesome, http://www.npr.org/2012/01/08/144623320/first-listen-kathleen-edwards-voyageur
  • Just heard a few of the tracks off the new record, sounds like a fantastic one!
  • Wasn't expecting to be bored by "voyageur" :/
  • voyageur is fantastic!
  • I love change the sheets can't wait for more
  • It's difficult...Das is für alle die.
  • Here's a new photo (used for the "Change the Sheets" single cover): [url=http://www.last.fm/music/Kathleen+Edwards/+images/70317262]/+images/70317262[/url], and its cropped version: [url=http://www.last.fm/music/Kathleen+Edwards/+images/70317090]/+images/70317090[/url].
  • anyone know the name of her opening song last night?
  • loved the two new tracks. change the sheets is dreamy, a marvel.
  • Her next album will be classic.
  • Want to hear some new music? Here's Change The Sheets and Wapusk available for download! http://www.rounderartists.com/kathleenedwards/changethesheets/
  • Foxy tomboy songbird from Canada! Cutting lyrics and aching melodies, just great, everything you want in alt.country or roots rock. And she's no great effort to look at, either.
  • Goodnight, California; I'm drunkenly dozing off into a glorious northern euphoria.
  • FOLKS! a friend sent me an alternate version of six o'clock news. it's stunning, less produced than the album version. if anyone wants it, tell me.
  • her lyrics are just amazing!
  • "you spend half your life tryin' to turn the other half around" "you spend half your life tryin' to turn the other half around" "you spend half your life tryin' to turn the other half around" "you spend half your life tryin' to turn the other half around" "you spend half your life tryin' to turn the other half around"
  • summerlong's good
  • Just happened across this page, and wow how lovely her music is.
  • Nagasaki was on a disc with a very limited release. Only 500 copies were made of Building 55. That thing can fetch a pretty high price on ebay.
  • Grande Kathleen!!!!
  • Why is Nagasaki so low on the charts. One of the best songs shes made. Raw and full emotions.


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