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  • Avatar for Gabriel_Opeth
  • Avatar for zabotak
    Yeeeeesssss, what a song
  • Avatar for Rock_n_Robin
    I loved Kate the first time I heard her and love her more each new song...such a superb talent. I could listen to "New Day" all day.
  • Avatar for Elleona
    this song is so amazing ! <3
  • Avatar for ArtofmusicJens
    @jaxelrod: This happens often. When I put on the radio-station of my favourite artist "Isgaard" I can`t stand 99% of the songs that are played there. In every review Isgaard is compared with Kate Bush, Lisa Gerrard etc. but none of them appears in her LAST-FM-RADIO-STAITON! Unfortunately. By the way: This is great (and reminds me of Björk and Imogen Heap)!
  • Avatar for Clembot
    I don't think I'll ever get tired of this one.
  • Avatar for mixplusik
    @catwithasax such a random comment (I used to love that song too though).
  • Avatar for ElednorEdil
    Love this song <3
  • Avatar for jaxelrod
    Why doesn't notice that Kate Havnevik is similar to Bjork?
  • Avatar for bepos
    a brand new day.
  • Avatar for LucieNiemela
    Like some new northern acoustic pop from finland?
  • Avatar for vaughnvhalen
    :"""""""""""""";';';';';';';';';';';';';';' Amazing Arrangement !!!!!:":":":":":":":":" ||||\\\\\|||||\\\\/////////////
  • Avatar for SOUNDARSENAL
    I wholeheartedly disagree. It is good but not anywhere near as good as bjork. I think she'd agree as well. Respect the influence!
  • Avatar for LPsLastChance
    This song should go on forever...
  • Avatar for planetdicko
    First time listening to Kate and loving it :)
  • Avatar for anikulapo82
    enorme <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  • Avatar for DolceFaux
    listen to this song when im single and fucking shit is not going right
  • Avatar for catwithasax
    I remember Basia singing about a new day.
  • Avatar for catwithasax
  • Avatar for DemigodFaze
    I listened to this on new years day and it went along so well. I had a fascinating day. This song does wonders.
  • Avatar for hisbeebabe
    this is...God!
  • Avatar for johnnyroenyc
    Yes I like this !
  • Avatar for gazonga1
    Beautiful voice and great music. Wonderful.
  • Avatar for cardroia
    "Beautiful day.....Watching you as you awake....Morning stars in your eyes.................................." my favourite of her, I don't think I'll ever get tired of it.
  • Avatar for geachie
    love it
  • Avatar for foxedglove
    love this.
  • Avatar for tatester01
    reminiscent of bjork but better
  • Avatar for Luat
    Love it <3
  • Avatar for d987b
    I Love It!
  • Avatar for spellvexit
    What a great opening!
  • Avatar for Jimmydeanfts
    Sweet song.
  • Avatar for estoyLeonard
  • Avatar for childproof_
    oh my god, why do i only have one listen for this?
  • Avatar for fairwesr
    it really is perfect, up there with the best songs I've ever heard... right up there with Hyperballad
  • Avatar for smilingstar3
    This song is the story of my life. <3
  • Avatar for backi480
    WOW !
  • Avatar for analogpark
    really good song.
  • Avatar for xxJousxx
    I f*****g love that song
  • Avatar for junjan
    Muy bella y melancólica!
  • Avatar for nnnathalie
    effin luv dis wan its supah!
  • Avatar for weisslepreissle
    That's fucking mad.
  • Avatar for Luat
    linda .. demais .
  • Avatar for flamencodave
    oh man, lovely melancholic music, and she's so beautiful I can't stand it!
  • Avatar for Itsnotgoodbye
  • Avatar for Laelah
  • Avatar for ppatt
    a master piece
  • Avatar for shaggychulo1
  • Avatar for mezilina
    волны.. волны..
  • Avatar for thisissteveking
    Cracking Track!
  • Avatar for sincralia
    best song ever~


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