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Kataya is a Finnish ambient/folk/progressive pop-rock group, who published their first album, Canto Obscura, in May of 2008. Second album "Voyager" is ready for the CD plant, the release will be in august 2010. Making of's can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/user/TT88TT

All three members have had considerably long careers in the Finnish music scene. From bands to Film & TV music and post production, these guys have a reputation of producing deep and mighty Scandinavian sound with a strong visual feel.

Here is a start of liner notes from Voyager…more can be read from the sleeve when time is right:

"Kataya: Voyager

The group gathered a year after the release of Canto Obscura at Nurmes in April 2009. Nurmes being the home base of the Oracle and him being the hardest to move away from his beloved hometown. There, in the peace and quiet of Siniaalto Studios, the Voyager began to take shape. Samsara, the latecomer, was keen to find a way to make music more intimately together. Rising from the ashes of Wolf Larsen, Canto Obscura was mostly conceived by Oracle and MC. As Samsara joined the duo, the bulk of the material for Canto Obscura was already composed and partially arranged. This, in his mind, was not to happen again. The magic, he thought, would happen when three guys would be in the same room at the same time. So he suggested that the music would be done by improvising and then refining the material further. As the days rolled on, there was definite magic in the air. Nuclei for songs Sun Geese, Dark Lark and Black CS among others took shape and seemed to form themselves straight out of thin air. As the one making of -video made from the Canto Obscura -sessions proved to be quite entertaining, this session was also captured, edited and released right after that weekend. All in all, five songs in their bare bones in two and half days…not bad.

The second session was to take place in Vantaa, at Samsara’s playground, Perfect Sound Studios in July 2009. The creative craziness…."

Kataya is:

Matti Kervinen - Keyboards, spoken words, shouting. AKA "MC", "The Seer"
Sami Sarhamaa - Guitars, bass, keyboards, drums. AKA "Mystical Samsara" "The Doer"
Teijo Tikkanen - Keyboards, drums, guitars, bass. AKA "The Oracle of Nurmes", "The Player"

For more information, visit: www.katayaband.com & www.myspace.com/katayaband

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