• Who are important in music right now?

    13 Jan 2011, 17:49 by titchio

    Its all well and good Last.fm having a "top 40 artists this year" list, But how many of you agreed with it? How many of you even listened to half of the things on it? I believe there were only a rare few I could say I've spent much time over in the past year (Arcade Fire, Yeasayer, etc etc).

    I'm known to be the musically difficult person in my group of friends, I tend to sway off in some obscure direction and stay there for a long time, very rarely listening to what I'm offered on places like itunes top 100 or NME chart. I believe good music is there to be found, not pushed in your face, You have to discover it for yourself, As in finding a rare gem.

    Fortunately, 2010 has been another year of gems for me. Not all necessarily released last year, but discovered during it! Some you may have heard of, Some you may have not.

    "Portugal. The Man"