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  • Avatar for ktsixit
    love this bass line
  • Avatar for karmacoma79
    Karnivool rules
  • Avatar for eimpreator
    Holy breakdown..!
  • Avatar for Bakasilly
    i fucking love this shit
  • Avatar for Gustavordc
  • Avatar for Nikita1994
    DAT BASS! [2]
  • Avatar for progbro
    The bass tone reminds me very much of Tool! I LOVE IT!
  • Avatar for antoniopedromp
  • Avatar for Riddlesoftricks
    It would take an immeasurable number of listens to OD on this song - it's simply perfect.
  • Avatar for PRMARJORAM
    good stuff
  • Avatar for jediSwift
    great vox man
  • Avatar for jamb-gumb
    Dirty fucking bass!!!
  • Avatar for ThisDominon
    I don't get the countless Tool comparisons but oh well. Fantastic Band, fantastic song... end of discussion.
  • Avatar for jpeiper
    Love this song.
  • Avatar for heman159
    Downhill from there??? Hmm.. Probably the complete opposite if you ask me.. I remember listening to the entire album at my 1st listen.. It was entirely unexpected - every track, unique/different from its previous.... Unlike Themata, this album - more complex - I possibly enjoyed the 2nd half much more than the 1st, but then again, its sad how few of us give up just after a few listens... Like said below - a certain grower [the entire album IMO]
  • Avatar for Flynner11
    The worst song on the album? It's probably the best! That or Goliath. Sadly, it's downhill from there.
  • Avatar for Ro6er
    excelente ............................
  • Avatar for ViperGuy
  • Avatar for NIUHOY
    I'll second what jomateus said. These guys are really growing on me with every listen.
  • Avatar for jomateus
    Really getting into Karnivool!! Loving this whole album!
  • Avatar for P_Floyd
    If a bass line could bring down a building, this would be it!
  • Avatar for rotting_schntzl
    here's one just to fuck with u kids: Karni-Tool
  • Avatar for nouthin
    @LicoriceLain : I think everyone has different option to give opinion about this band, you too.. I just try to enjoy this sound and also respect with other.
  • Avatar for LicoriceLain
    And, personally, I think this the strongest track from Sound Awake, after Deadman.
  • Avatar for LicoriceLain
    I am dead fucking sick of people comparing Karnivool to Tool. If this sounds like Tool to you, then the other million metal bands in existence should to, because that is how much they resemble Tool.
  • Avatar for Magnuq
    "If it keeps on raining, the levee is going to break"... Love those drums though so I don't mind at all :D
  • Avatar for nouthin
    i love Tool band, and the sound is in here...
  • Avatar for jamesusillxd
    Glockenspiel solos FTW [2]
  • Avatar for jamesusillxd
    One of my favorites...
  • Avatar for tonnesoffun
    Such a good opener, love this song to death. By far one of the most impressive live bands.
  • Avatar for canbera
    Probably not.
  • Avatar for Pandemownium
    Probably the weakest track from Sound Awake.
  • Avatar for Rowan5215
    Wow, one year. One year since Sound Awake came out, and this is still as great as ever. An epically awesome track, only Karnivool could come up with a track like this - I mean, a glock breakdown? Instant win. But I still prefer C.O.T.E over this, and I prefer Themata over Sound Awake.
  • Avatar for adam-454
    Shredex is on the money with the Zep drums :P
  • Avatar for JonAce
    Amazing song when played live.
  • Avatar for Chidzy101
    4:01 oh man so good
  • Avatar for obeyfm
    great opener.
  • Avatar for eatyourham
    i've lovvvvvvvved simple boy ever since i heard it at BDO
  • Avatar for jamb-gumb
    Bought this CD about 2 months ago & its the absolute bollocks! haven't stopped playing it - very loud!!!
  • Avatar for IReneGadI
    Drums are sound so sludgy IMO
  • Avatar for plasmazombie
    Combination of Alternative Metal and Sludge? Wtf.
  • Avatar for shredex
    Glockenspiel solos FTW
  • Avatar for Rowan5215
    So fucking awesome... "I will fight 'til there's nothing left/Watch the world together from this sinking ship/Or drown alone"
  • Avatar for shredex
    Lovin the nod to When the Levee Breaks drumbeat at the glock breakdown.
  • Avatar for IReneGadI
    sweet combination of alt metal and sludge
  • Avatar for ktboardhead
    Any doubts that this album wouldn't be awesome were smashed by this song. It's my second favorite on Sound Awake. I love how powerful the bass and drums are. The guitar is mostly just filler.
  • Avatar for jjuckel
    WAS an awesome opener at the gig. When the bass/drums first kicked in was like punch in the guts. Made me smile even though I was almost winded :)
  • Avatar for Galakuel
    actually one of my fav from their new stuff..
  • Avatar for plasmazombie
    Love the mellow feel.
  • Avatar for Tuperman


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