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  • Avatar for Luoui
    Isso na voz da Katy bombaria demais
  • Avatar for hf1809
    cool this title******
  • Avatar for inthesameroom
    Always makes me smile :)
  • Avatar for Cure1980
    chewgum chewing Teenie lolipop music--
  • Avatar for Nephthys_Rising
    In a daze, going crazy, I can barely think You're replaying in my brain, find it hard to sleep <3
  • Avatar for DodasBey
  • Avatar for ASummerKiss
  • Avatar for GabrielAmaral__
    Honestly baby I do anything you want to... Let's finish what we started don't leave me broken hearted tonight ♥
  • Avatar for votimusic
    Love it :D [3]
  • Avatar for plsilvino
  • Avatar for eduarda_mello
    come on, that's right, CHEERIO <3
  • Avatar for robal123
    Love it :D [2]
  • Avatar for Noegaga19
    Love it :D
  • Avatar for MateusZedd
    Cheerio ♥
  • Avatar for TeddyBearz69
  • Avatar for tanyacabbab
  • Avatar for paco_hojaverde
  • Avatar for AreUJeff
  • Avatar for AbiMalik1D
    love this song <3
  • Avatar for Impaled_
    So catchy.
  • Avatar for derangered
    I wonder if admitting I like this song is enough to make girls like me? I like this song, it's usually on the radio around 2am when I fall asleep ..
  • Avatar for bianca_lg_xx
    love it <3
  • Avatar for u_go_na
    ♥♫ ♥ ♫
  • Avatar for Carrie5
    oooh i love this.
  • Avatar for ClaireJulliet
    she's so sweet and song is so cute. :)
  • Avatar for TeddyBearz69
    See I Been Waiting Loooonger For You To Call Me Baaaaby! So Lets Get Up Lets Get On It...Don't You Leave Me Brokenhearted Tonight ! ♥
  • Avatar for mega_wicked
    Now I'm here in a sticky situation, got a little trouble, yup, and now I'm pacing, five minutes, ten minutes, now it's been an hour, don't wanna think too hard, but I'm sour
  • Avatar for Honeylen26
    Anything you wanna do I'll be on it too :)
  • Avatar for TeddyBearz69
    that's right, come on, a-cheerio xD <3
  • Avatar for Aurora1380
    So can we finish what we started, don't you leave me brokenhearted tonight <3 [3]
  • Avatar for Haibane
  • Avatar for yelow
  • Avatar for NeverShoutGigi9
    love love love! <3
  • Avatar for bigboypeter69
  • Avatar for brand929
    It grew on me. This is pretty catchy.
  • Avatar for angelscroble
  • Avatar for MusicLoverDude
    The dude is cute!
  • Avatar for Bruno_V_P
    This is like Ke$ha feat. Nicki Minaj... in an absolutely amazing way!!! In love!!! ♥
  • Avatar for AdlerOfBirds
  • Avatar for Bruno_V_P
    so can we finish what we started, don't you leave me brokenhearted tonight <3 [2]
  • Avatar for strangelove88
    Damn, this song is an earworm. So catchy!
  • Avatar for Douglas_Valerio
    Awesome beats. Tottaly addictive! ... #AMO ♥
  • Avatar for Daniboo1
    luv luv luv this song! :)
  • Avatar for DaKing23
    Definition of guilty pleasure.
  • Avatar for Haibane
    That's why I love pop music so much!
  • Avatar for love-again
    so can we finish what we started, don't you leave me brokenhearted tonight <3
  • Avatar for joaunvictor
    Futuro Hit ♥
  • Avatar for JustAKayee
    This is VERY Nicki Minaj...not a bad thing at all, i can see these guys are going to be my new fave's.
  • Avatar for h1t4k3
    ke$ha + nicki minaj...... catchy <3
  • Avatar for LUCE08
    I'm pretty sure this song song = story of my life


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