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  • Avatar for RKAREY
    Happy 66th Birthday to Karen <3
  • Avatar for Stuart_92
    Karen would have been 66 today.
  • Avatar for Stuart_92
    Karen Carpenter died 33 years ago today. R.I.P.
  • Avatar for FMDostoevsky
    She past 32 years ago in age of 32.
  • Avatar for HE20
    The most beautiful voice ever....
  • Avatar for Sugarbu
    What a beautiful voice love you karen
  • Avatar for Stuart_92
    Happy 65th Birthday Karen, R.I.P.
  • Avatar for Stuart_92
    R.I.P. wonderful Karen, taken from us 32 years ago today.
  • Avatar for Paulinhaguedes
    I LOVE HER *_*
  • Avatar for leleao
    Karennnn <3
  • Avatar for Stuart_92
    v On the 'Carpenters' page. Karen Carpenter recorded a solo album which was finally released in 1996.
  • Avatar for mjwleger
    where is the song "we've only just begun" and other more popular ones???
  • Avatar for Stuart_92
    Today would have been Karen's 64th birthday. Happy Birthday. R.I.P.
  • Avatar for Stuart_92
    31 years ago. R.I.P. Karen. :(
  • Avatar for leleao
    My favorite Voice, brings me a peace listening! Karen lovely.
  • Avatar for Cola55
    R.I.P. :'(
  • Avatar for Stuart_92
    Happy Birthday Karen, RIP.
  • Avatar for crownanchor
    yES, TYME WAITS FOR TO kAren....
  • Avatar for Irlandese64
    30 years ago today, my heart was broken. Love you and miss you still, Karen. XXX
  • Avatar for Who_Scared_You
  • Avatar for b-factor
    The most beautiful ever <3
  • Avatar for vishal8492
    Wow featuring Top Of The World By Carpenters.Now there is reason to watch movie besides Eva Green :) [Anybody knows about her more such mentions or anything please share.]
  • Avatar for BillieShears39
    She could be my perfect woman ♥
  • Avatar for music2artlover
    Amazing voice, R.I.P Karen
  • Avatar for vishal8492
    I think we should tag more on line of Divine voice , Greatest singer most beautiful voice nostalgic right ?
  • Avatar for vishal8492
    Worst tags i've ever seen [4]
  • Avatar for silbcm
    Worst tags i've ever seen [3]
  • Avatar for vishal8492
    yeah right "rip, sexy, more than just her eating disorder (wtf??)", ok? haha.Btw thanks for nice picture guys :)
  • Avatar for chriss3008
    Please, everyone who read this below, do this please.
  • Avatar for chriss3008
    Come on! Let's put tags about the music, not her. Add "Blues, Jazz, Soul, Oldies, Drummer, Singer-Songrwriter", etc and delete "rip, sexy, more than just her eating disorder (wtf??)", ok?
  • Avatar for chriss3008
    Worst tags i've ever seen [2]
  • Avatar for sandidwiputra
    One of the best voices ever! [8]
  • Avatar for coolsweetgroovy
    RIP Karen
  • Avatar for vishal8492
    Well i didn't know karen allen but now i do and same name karen karen great !!
  • Avatar for MXB2001
    Too few tags is the problem. Anyways I just noticed she was a ringer for Karen Allen!
  • Avatar for vishal8492
    Worst tags i've ever seen eating disorder cmon get over it wtf ?
  • Avatar for vishal8492
    You got to listen to something's missing in my life and well if something really is it might well be Karen !!!!!
  • Avatar for vishal8492
    Haha i'm in top listeners and might be top commenters if that's a word!!!!
  • Avatar for vishal8492
    I mean seriously 44 k only cmon thtas ridiculous is she lost and still not in hall of fame now thats a big insult!!!
  • Avatar for vishal8492
    One of the best voices ever! [7]
  • Avatar for prime1128
    Everybody needs to hear Karen's voice at least once.
  • Avatar for earsintune
    pity her magical voice was so wasted on over-produced Carpenters tracks. at least the solo album, for all its faults, lets you hear her sing.
  • Avatar for Bubimann
    RIP Karen Carpenter <3
  • Avatar for Karenbetts
    what a voice!)
  • Avatar for vishal8492
    Its undoubtedly best voice ever !!!
  • Avatar for mihdalponte
    THE BEST voice ever. ♥
  • Avatar for Rapture5212011
    What a shame to lose such a gifted & talented artist at such an early age~! Her voice was like honey & some of her Christmas recordings are ALL-TIME favorites. The 'baby boomer' generation grew up listening to her beautiful voice & she is surely missed. So easy to shed tears when her Christmas recordings are played over & over on the radio. Check out her BIO at just click on Famous Grave Search. God bless~!
  • Avatar for plaxevoador_
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  • Avatar for Tingting2010
    One of my favorite voices!


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