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  • Avatar for TheWrathofThor
    I cant be the only ones that thinks these gusy are hugely underrated, can I?
  • Avatar for alterionisto
    Hate her accent
  • Avatar for Vagina_Berserke
    Ваще Кислота Адцкая!!!!
  • Avatar for brainwashers
    ACID EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for Timofeie
    fuck crystal castles. don't mention that crap on here
  • Avatar for TheWrathofThor
    I like these guys....they're like a happier version of Crystal Castles
  • Avatar for donitaruga
    Red Sign makes me hard
  • Avatar for placebo_molko
    oh, she's pregnant...
  • Avatar for RiotVoltage
    I found out today that Caroline Martial is waiting for a Bambino, yeah pregnant!! Ö So it seems that the release of the new album will take a little longer :(
  • Avatar for kurrdt
    people need to lay off w/ the crystal castles comparisons jfc
  • Avatar for strix_
    sorry guys, but cc in comparison with Kap duo is just slimmy, poppy and... weak ;) waitin' for the new album ^^
  • Avatar for RiotVoltage
    They changed the date now earlier 2015 will be released the new album #ICANTWAITLONGER !!
  • Avatar for petraweber13
    kap bambino and crystal castles - they're both great
  • Avatar for Kolbazy
  • Avatar for mooonride
    I can't wait for the new album!
  • Avatar for exprof
  • Avatar for SKARNYAX
    Their new album is still planned for this month?
  • Avatar for KeithKokain
    Loved CC for years and always knew they were inspired by Kap Bambino but never gave them a proper listen. I was missing out :(! Kap is brilliant!
  • Avatar for ieroport
    >crystal castles is better!!!! @ пошел нахуй
  • Avatar for SoniaGore
  • Avatar for JstKeepBreathng
    v omg really? I'm already happy they released a date tho!
  • Avatar for thainacutrim
    easier Crystal Castles have imitated Kap Bambino, considering the year of release of albums ¬¬
  • Avatar for WoskuDoktor
  • Avatar for JstKeepBreathng
    I saw them live in London earlier this year, they were freaking epic!
  • Avatar for Soykuya
    would love to see them live
  • Avatar for GrindCrusherrr
    That's real punk ! Very cute band ! :)
  • Avatar for umabubble
    Kap Bambino is out of the ordinary
  • Avatar for WillsnM
    Dance Plague <3
  • Avatar for LiR1c
    very good
  • Avatar for demonikah
    annnd I never comment but please shut up with your CC/Kap Bambino comparisons. Especially saying Kap is a CC imitator. Too bad Kap Bambino has been around years longer than CC. so please shut up and understand that your taste and musical knowledge may not be refined enough to distinguish the difference between two electro bands with female vocals.
  • Avatar for MarcMaquiavel
    CC imitation? Plis!
  • Avatar for WoskuDoktor
  • Avatar for Lupin1112
    cc is good but i really like kap bambino also look lmao Bordeaux, France (2001 – present)
  • Avatar for melinopoly
    crystal castles is better!!!!
  • Avatar for accidentcauser
    Don't forget to forget me. <3
  • Avatar for sassycake
    Ikr? *facepalm*
  • Avatar for RiotVoltage
    Hahaha Pff!! CC Imitation? P.L.E.A.S.E !!!
  • Avatar for nfhihsdiu
    cc imitation pfff
  • Avatar for LiimpanH
    @Rasvakeitin That's true, but I think it's pretty unnecessary to always compare them.
  • Avatar for Rasvakeitin
    @LiimpanH Yeah, there's a clear difference between the bands - but they're still very similar and play experimental electronic synth/dream/witchpop, so I do think they're comparable. Same with The Knife.
  • Avatar for LiimpanH
    Are people only saying these are like Crystal Castles because they play pretty hard electronic music with a female vocalist? Because they barely sound alike
  • Avatar for sing-sing
  • Avatar for FFKR
    Kap Bambino are so far ahead from CC, guys. It's pretty obvious.
  • Avatar for socialdispositi
  • Avatar for moonwatcher24
    So underated -___- unfair. They are amazing! <3
  • Avatar for blackwaveacrade
    Nah these two aren't even close to Crystal Castles
  • Avatar for DJSafariMan
    HEY! :D
  • Avatar for WoskuDoktor
  • Avatar for pablo_cerve
    what is a crystal castle?
  • Avatar for Rasvakeitin
    Is this the french equivalent of Crystal Castles?


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