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  • Avatar for javileon
    one of the best ever.
  • Avatar for zdziwko_dziwko
    <3 best.
  • Avatar for judie_
    for me, it's a masterpiece
  • Avatar for ameliaroush15
    Only God knows if I'll be with you...
  • Avatar for smashfest
    this is the same version i'm used to hearing.....
  • Avatar for Neslibee
    no one can like him!
  • Avatar for TrowaBarton888
    I'm in love with you, but the vibe is wrong.
  • Avatar for joelcotrina
    you know it
  • Avatar for forrist
  • Avatar for dewene
    fucking amazing. [3]
  • Avatar for blues417
    The drums on this are sick!!
  • Avatar for innerspeaker
    Seriously this is a fucking brilliant pop song.
  • Avatar for bootsie81905
    one of my themes
  • Avatar for crackerdeluxe
    This album was ILL. [2]
  • Avatar for hyshameless
    fucking amazing. [2]
  • Avatar for buthoel
    lol he gives the uk the shit version of this song.
  • Avatar for tonebrown2000
    This album was ILL.
  • Avatar for RosaYounger
    I got it up!
  • Avatar for MeganCarrillo
    very very nice
  • Avatar for eli_elivelton
    the lyrics <3
  • Avatar for AmpleVoltage
    This has a bit of a post-punk feel to it.
  • Avatar for meier
    What's going on with the version here on I would chalk it up to being a live recording or something but I've heard him do it live much better and there isn't any sort of crowd response at the end.. he sounds out of breath or something every time he says "lockdown."
  • Avatar for J4tify
    This version sounds like ass.
  • Avatar for FreightGoons
    flows so good
  • Avatar for cola233
    Amazing song!
  • Avatar for Skylerstyles
    Before I Die Im Gonna Fuck A Girl In A CowBoy Hat>
  • Avatar for AmbrosiaJ
    Love the drums in this song :D
  • Avatar for creeco
    Very untypical pop song.
  • Avatar for corne1ius
    this is a good song, I like it very much
  • Avatar for malonemuert
    this track proves he's got talent
  • Avatar for smoothripe
    UK version has a shittier sounding chorus. What's up with that?
  • Avatar for luksgote
    Amo essa música s1
  • Avatar for IAmMalice87
    The hottest R&B beat ever
  • Avatar for margee1027
    Love the song but this version.. not so much
  • Avatar for destanation
    fave kanye track
  • Avatar for amilton2
    My fave from 808s!
  • Avatar for climb_trees
  • Avatar for irefuse3
    i like the song but i like the remix better
  • Avatar for ianoop
    i like this one better
  • Avatar for TheJesusBot
  • Avatar for andrea_98_
    x3 :3
  • Avatar for poppa7
    i love this sound he produced!!! kayne was on point with this one!!!
  • Avatar for hismuse
    Why did this sound so much different than the mp3 i have at home?
  • Avatar for faroutamigo
    I don't really dig this sound, but the album wasn't bad
  • Avatar for djwaynehead
    kanye is a musical beast
  • Avatar for naynay1129
    one of my fav kanye songs
  • Avatar for FaBoLoUsRmX
    THIS IS THE ORIGINAL LEAK VERSION. came out right after the VMA's in 08' unmastered ehhhhhhhh
  • Avatar for JerzyNerd
    One of Kanye's Best
  • Avatar for super_canti
    Keeping my love locked down.
  • Avatar for poppa7


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